2011 Early Enrollers: Dee Hart & Greg Brown

Submitted by MGoShoe on November 24th, 2010 at 8:31 AM

In a special to the Freep (print link) Josh Helmholdt of the Wolverine.com expands on his earlier report that Greg Brown is no longer a soft commit ($) and lists Brown and super-recruit Dee Hart as January early enrollers at Michigan.

Fremont (Ohio) Ross cornerback Greg Brown, who became U-M’s first commitment in the 2011 class back in Sept. 2009, is on track to graduate high school and enroll early. He will take his official visit to U-M next weekend, and start classes in Ann Arbor a month later. "I'm just focusing on finishing my high school education next month and in those following couple weeks, I will be enrolling at Michigan to play ball for the Wolverines. I just can't wait to get in the Big House in front of those 110,000 fans and play some football."

Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips four-star recruit Demetrius Hart is likely to play for U-M next year because of his exceptional talent and play-making ability as a running back. The 5-8, 190-pound Hart is the other commitment scheduled to enroll, and having him in spring ball should hasten his first appearance in the Big House.

We knew this about Frost (thanks, Tom), but Helmholdt goes on to list Michigan recruiting targets Avery Walls and Kris Frost as likely early enrollers.

Several of Michigan’s remaining targets in the 2011 class are also planning early graduations, including four-star Georgia safety Avery Walls and Charlotte, N.C., prospect Kris Frost, who took his official visit to U-M last weekend.

Brown's visit to Syracuse appears to have solidified his commitment to Michigan and the early enroller status for Brown and Hart will give them clear head starts on their development.  With Hart likely to compete for the starting RB assignment and Michigan's desparate need for secondary depth, this certainly qualifies as positive news.



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So if recruits enroll early, are they able to be counted as a part of last year's class thus opening up spots in the 2011 class for more players? I know there has been some confusion about this in the past, and I don't know if I ever really got a definitive answer.


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At this point we'll hit the overall 85 scholarship limit before we hit the 25 annual limit.  The team is finally operating with a full roster of scholarship players and doesn't lose very many seniors.

I know it doesn't technically answer your question, but it should explain why we aren't bending over backward to get EE's like we did last year.


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Kris Frost has said he's going to announce at the Army All America game and then early enroll wherever he goes. The Army game is on January 7th. Winter term classes begin on January 5th.  I know that different rules apply to football players and the Athletic Dept has certain (limited) magic powers, but in the happy event that he commits to us, it's not like he's going to show up the next day and be a Michigan student athlete. He needs to be admitted, move to Ann Arbor, register, etc. Is it realistic to think he would be able to early enroll at Michigan, at least for winter?

Note : it occurs to me as I write this that I really ought to spend my time thinking about something else.


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This is what he'll do.  When Big Will announced at the AAA game, he was already enrolled at UM.  This is what Frost would do as well.  He'd enroll at his school of choice but  not show up because he'd be at the AAA bowl, announce at the bowl, then show up for the third (or so) day of classes at UM.  They aren't really worried about the first week of classes for the EE guys, it's more to get them on campus and acclimated.  Devin Gardner missed about the first 3 weeks of classes when he enrolled early, and it wasn't no thang.


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...like mine with positive news is turned into this debacle of a thread because of the RichRod deathwatch and schism.  Saturday  (and Monday, I suppose) can't come quickly enough.  In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday.