2011 College Football Attendance Figures

Submitted by Hardware Sushi on December 13th, 2011 at 11:54 PM

2011 College Football Attendance Figures

Michigan (no surprise) lead the nation in attendance at 112k per. 102% capacity. Good work, everyone.

A few other highlights:

TCU at 112% and Oregon at 109% lead by percent of capacity. Expand already, Oregon. Autzen's still only 59k. Nike stock just hit an all-time high last week, fergodsakes.

Big Ten with 3 of top 4, 5 of top 15, 7 in the top 21.

Sad trombone for Sparty's 98%. /cantgetnorespect

PSU's ticket strategy seemed to backfire with Beaver Stadium rounding out at 95% capacity, if not in lower total dollar revenue, then in percent of capacity they had at each game. 6 of the 7 games occurred pre-Sandusky and the one afterward was Nebraska, so the fingers seem to point at the new seating plan.


Roy G. Biv

December 14th, 2011 at 6:38 PM ^

Would it be safe to assume that's a single-season home attendance record?  If so, unless the stadium expands, we are unlikely to break it.  Consider:  UTL, Nebraska's first visit as B1G and a winnable OSU game after 7 straight losses.  3 games right there over 114,000.  Plus, going to the 9 game conference schedule in a few years will make 8-game home seasons tough to come by (hello three baby-seal OOC games).  Of course, as previously mentioned, in all seriousness I expect stadium capacity to be pushing 120,000 by time Brandon's stint as AD is over.