2011 BTN Football Tour

Submitted by Michigan248 on August 8th, 2011 at 1:31 PM

I saw this on Gerry DiNardos twitter, looks like they will be in town on the 18th and the show will air on the 22nd. 

Big Ten Network:

Our tour schedule (and the schedule for the TV shows off this tour)....

Football Tour Stops Previews (TV shows air at 8 p.m. ET)
Aug. 8: Wisconsin Aug. 15: Ohio State Aug. 14: Wisconsin Aug. 20: Ohio State
Aug. 9: Minnesota Aug. 16: Penn State Aug. 15: Minnesota Aug. 21: Penn State
Aug. 11: Nebraska Aug. 18: Michigan Aug. 16: Nebraska Aug. 22: Michigan
Aug. 12: Iowa Aug. 19: Michigan State Aug. 17: Iowa Aug. 23: Michigan State
Aug. 13: Illinois Aug. 21: Purdue Aug. 18: Illinois Aug. 24: Purdue
Aug. 14: Indiana Aug. 22: Northwestern Aug. 19: Indiana Aug. 25: Northwestern


Also it looks like he made a little joke about the OSU situation.

gerrydinardo:If suspended OSU players are running with the 2's does that mean if one of them gets banged up the 3rd team guy take the reps with the 1's?