2010 Utah @ SDSU game film

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There has been a lot of debate over how our offense is going to look this year. I figure, the best way to see is to look at SDSU film, and then factor in what Borges has said.

Film here

Looking at the first drive alone, I see almost all shotgun plays, a zone read play (!), no huddle, and SDSU marching right down the field against a ranked opponent. Factor in that Borges said that we would run more shotgun than he has in the past, and that he plans to run Denard for about 1,000 yards, and I honestly don't see a huge drop off this year. Sure, schemes are going to be different (different terminology, different (and quicker) reads on passes, etc), but nothing like some people on here are saying. You can ignore the defense in this video, thats going to look a whole lot different.

*I'm sure this has been posted before, but I think it deserves to be posted again, especially with the shotgun debate.



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The first drive was unusually shot-gun heavy.  It was a series of scripted plays designed to get Utah off balance.  I'm not sure of the final distribution, but the rest of the game had a lot more QB under center.

Zone Left

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I'm with Mike Leach, the shotgun vs under center debate is overdone. It's what the QB does once he has the ball, and Lindley (SDSU's QB) is doing something very, very different than Denard Robinson did last year. The question is where Borges and Michigan's personnel meet--it'll be somewhere in between both styles.


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see its tricky though because gorgeous al doesn't run shotgun ever, and he never will. he's not good enough to "adapt" or "change" his plays. where the confusion lies is that he runs an extended under center look. its the same as normal but the qb steps back a ways and the center does a sort of half long snap to him. so while it may appear as he's running a shotgun, really its just an illusion. its pretty complicated, I can see the confusion


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they tried a ton of different looks, but it didn't look at all random. They basically lulled TCU into a run-stop defense and then burned them with the long bomb passes. A slightly better qb or fewer drops and they definitely would've beat TCU last year.


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Nope, sorry, none of SDSU's stats count in the second half. They lost the game and they were down by 3 scores in the second half, so if we have learned anything, its that TCU gave up and didn't try as hard the 2nd half. Unless we are starting to count the stats in these types of games now that it makes our argument better.


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Here's a good film on the SDSU Offense vs. TCU defense in case you want to focus on the O without a full game.

Hope the embed works right.  There is a lot of film on SDSu from last year, but much of it highlights.  Check out the film against Air Force as well seeing as we play them in 2012.






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When I first watched this I was very impressed with the offensive play calling. While I doubt we  will be able to throw the ball deep with consistency, I am sure AB will figure out ways to get receivers the ball in space on cross routes for big yardage. I wouldn't be surprised to see them use the intermediate pass game to open up the run for Denard on roll outs; make the DBs decide to cover the pass or cover the run (then hit them with inside runs to throw them off). 

Then again, I could be completely wrong.


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In the first couple of drives in that game, Utah's defense looked flustered, confused, and gassed. Much more so than I remember any decent team looking against Michigans offense under RichRod.

That was one of the things that I never really saw materialize for RichRod--the offense working so fast that the defense was just totally lost and exhausted. Michigan had a fine offense but I never really saw that aspect of the offense work like it had been billed.

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...Denard has not demonstrated the ability to throw deep like this...it's not clear who is going to be on the outside running these routes for Michigan this fall...it's shot gun but nothing like the shot gun Denard ran in 2010.  We just have to wait and see what Borges does and how much Denard matures.  This is fun to watch though (all of them are worthy.)  Too bad SDSU goes up on Utah and slacks off on the D /s.