2010 Favorite MGoBoard Posters

Submitted by ILL_Legel on December 24th, 2010 at 3:37 PM

First time starting a thread so there's that.  As I was killing time today, I came across a plethora of 2010 Best Of lists and starting thinking about my favorite site.  I won't pretend this is a best of, it is strictly my top 5 favorite MGoBoard posters this year (not talking diaries here - way too many great diarists). 

There are many, many interesting contributors and this site is a must see for me everyday but these are my top 5.

1. TomVH - The Minister of Information

2. jhackney - I'm biased toward all things Hunter S. Thompson but hackney is also someone who comes across like I've known him for years.

3. MDoc - Simply for The Denarding.  That was a special piece of work.  Thanks for creating and sharing it.

4. Magnus - I might get sent to Bolivia for this but I simply like what Magnus contributes.

5. aaamichfan - Helped me out with a video (Will Farrell meatloaf)  and can evoke a good laugh.

I'm hoping this doesn't turn negative and it gives those of us with nothing going on today one more topic to discuss.  Enjoy your holidays however you celebrate! 



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TomVH - TVH knows all

TPryor - Domin8

Tim - will forever be associated with Hello: posts, therefore I love it when he posts

Magnus - Like him for similar reasons as TomVH

DGDestroys - Awesome avatar ;)

MGoShoe & Aamoldini - There are...



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Formerly Anonymous

Steve Sharik


Many others have great contributions, but I appreciate all the work done by Brian and the moderators to make this blog my favorite website, bar none.