"2009 watch"

Submitted by Section 1 on September 17th, 2011 at 5:41 PM

With a quarter of the 2011 season in the record books, it is interesting to compare Michigan's 2009 and 2011 seasons, in part because the the two seasons feature the same three opening opponents in order; Western, ND, Eastern.  Whether Michigan is substantially improved over 2009 is an open question.  Acknowledging the weather-shortened 2011 game versus Western, the general stats say:

2009 (through Week Three):  Points scored-110.  Total offense-1317.  Total defense-1076.

2011 (through Week Three):  Points scored-100.  Total offense-1211.  Total defense-1028.


2009 - Week One:  M over WMU, 31-7Having predicted a WMU win in the wake of the mayhem he helped cause, the Free Press' Mark Snyder had to eat his words as Michigan shut down Western's heralded QB Tim Hiller, and Tate Forcier led Michigan to a commanding win.  M-242 rushing, 197 passing.  WMU-38 rushing, 263 passing.

2011 - Week One:  M over WMU, 34-10.  With Western Michigan's QB Alex Carder having been heralded by some as "the best college quarterback in Michigan," Michigan shut him down and Denard Robinson led Michigan to a lightning-shortened 34-10 win in just less than three quarters.  M-190 rushing, 98 passing.  WMU-96 rushing, 183 passing.


2009 - Week Two: M over Notre Dame, 38-34.   In a game for the ages, M comes from behind to win on a td pass with 0:11 remaining.  M-190 rushing, 240 passing.  ND-154 rushing, 336 passing.

2011 - Week Two: M over Notre Dame, 35-31.  In a game for the ages, M comes from behind to win on a td pass with 0:02 remaining.  M-114 rushing, 338 passing.  ND-198 passing, 315 passing.


2009 - Week Three: M over EMU, 41-17.  A mismatch win for Michigan.  M-380 rushing, 68 passing.  EMU-179 rushing, 106 passing.

2011 - Week Three: M over EMU, 31-3.  A mismatch win for Michigan.  M-376 rushing, 95 passing.  EMU-207 rushing, 29 passing. 



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Keep in mind we didn't play a full game vs Western so the stats would probably look better offensively. Also, the three teams that year combined for a final record of 11-25. This year these three combined will probably be much better.


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Is WMU, ND, and EMU all better in 2011 vs 2009,

I know where you are coming from and things will not be different for a few more years.  We have a talent problem now and not a coaching problem.  


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So our first season under a new coach is about on par, thru three games, with year two of the old administration? Sounds like we're ahead of the curve. How about you show turnover differential thru three games in 2009 v 2011? Oh, that stat doesn't fit your argument? OK, Brian--- er, um, I mean, Section 1.


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I agree with everyone saying the comparison is worthless.  I think if you look at those games, we gave up all those yards at the beginning of the games.  I believe if you look at the 2nd half yards, you may see the bigger difference.  Just my thought, I could be WAY off.  We start slow on both sides of the ball this year and end strong.  Just my 2 cents.


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EMU had the ball three times the second half.  First posession was a three n out, then we gobbled the clock up and scored, then they had a lengthy posession to end the 3rd, punted after gaining 20 yards on 9 plays.  Then we ate up almost half the quarter and kicked a FG, then Eastern's final drive was 5 plays and 13 yards.


So Eastern gained 36 yards the second half.  Wowie.


Eastern got most of their yards in the first quarter, which, if we've learned anything, is UMs worst quarter this year so far on both sides of the ball.  They gained 151 yards in the first quarter.  Well over half of their 232 total yards for thte game.  They gained 34 yards in the 2nd quarter.




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The difference is the defense is going to get gradually better as the year goes on. To the point where the last 3 games look much different than the first 3. As oppose to 2009 where the defense gradually wilted and turned to poo as the season went on.