2008 Michigan v. Illinois on right now

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My first reaction to flipping on to the Big Ten Network  was why?!?! 

Then, I decided to watch it for historical purposes because I am that desperate for football to start.



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The week after the 27-25 comeback win vs Wiscy, we got out to a 14-3 lead at home vs the Illini.

Believe it or not, we played a ~3 1/2 quarter stretch that year vs Wiscy & Illinois and dominated them 41 - 9.  For that narrow window of success in 2008, I was really jacked.

Did I mention that we sucked after that?


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A couple weeks after this game, I went to Ford Field and watched Western Michigan beat this Illinois team.  The Broncos held them to 17 points.  Juice put together 2 decent drives all day but that was about it.  Crappy 5-7 Illinois team that pounded us.  Just terrible.  But not as bad as the 9 loss Illini team that beat us 38-13 the following season. 


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Maybe I should actually put on the channel before commenting. It is the 2008 game, the one where we got killed and Juice ran all over out pitiful defense. Maybe its some Illinois special or soemthing.


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To cheer up this post according to Helmholdt over at TheWolverine it seems that Kyle Kalis and his parents are coming back up to Ann Arbor for another visit. 

Tha Stunna

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I mean, that game could foreshadow how we would get our own mobile quarterback that's better than 2008 Juice Williams.  Other than that, nothing I care to remember.  Early leads did not count for much that season.