2008 Capital One Bowl on BTN now

Submitted by Aamoldini on January 3rd, 2012 at 3:30 PM
Title says it all. On from now until 6. Then game day at 7 and pregame looks until the sugar bowl kicks. How odd hearing Greg mattison on the Florida sideline... Also multiple looks at RR set to take over the program the day after this bowl. Surreal! EDIT: Also laugh at Urban Meyer!



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Everytime I watch it I think about how that was only 4 years ago, and yet when you consider what happened in those 4 years, it seems like an eternity.


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And was surrounded by Florida fans beside myself and two buddies. It was a glorious event once that final second ran off. What a way to send off Lloyd. Also, Arringtons catch is one of the best catches I've seen in Michigan history.


January 3rd, 2012 at 4:10 PM ^

I won't lie. I thought we were going to get killed in that game. I was living in Miami and thought very hard about making the trip. I ended up deciding not to and it has haunted me since. I was hoping they would come for the Orange Bowl, but they'll be back in Florida soon enough.

Darth Wolverine

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I also thought we would get dominated. Almost no one gave us a shot in hell at winning that game. I loved how our first play was a five-wide set. That was pretty much Lloyd Carr giving RR and the Michigan administration the middle finger, saying, "See? I can run the spread if I want, too."

coastal blue

January 3rd, 2012 at 6:58 PM ^

the fanbase the finger. "See all these weapons? Imagine if I'd used them properly in the past! Oh the championships we could have won!" Had he run that offense a year ago with Manningham, Arrington and Breaston, maybe we play for a national championship. 

Darth Wolverine

January 3rd, 2012 at 4:25 PM ^

I have probably watched that game ten times since it happened and it never gets old. Just an offensive explosion and our defense was great. I know we have up a lot of points, but I loved how much pressure the defense put on Tebow. They beat his ass that day. If it were not for two uncharacteristic Mike Hart fumbles in the red zone, that game would have been a blowout.


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This game made a lot of ignorant fans think Michigan football was in great shape in the latter Carr years, favoring their last and most recent impression over the fact that it was a colossal - albeit awesome - aberration.

You have to wonder if Florida had rolled as many expected if some of these people wouldn't  have had such a protective stance on the program when things started to change.



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I was there with my brother and I had a great time. Even if we had lost a close game I still would have had a good time.
<br>That said, that team was loaded that year. App St killed their mojo early but they rallied to have a good year. I think Lloyd coached way too conservatively te entire year until that game. If he and Debord had unleashed that aerial attack throughout the year, might have been a different story. I know D wasn't great but it was serviceable.