2008 Capital One Bowl alert

Submitted by lbpeley on July 14th, 2013 at 8:09 PM
UM's murder fisting (well, sans 2 Hart fumbles inside the 5) of Florida is on BTN at 9:30 tonight.



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Ahhhh yes. The 2008 Capital One Bowl. The game when Lloyd said "fuck it-we've practiced these stupid plays for the past 10 years....why don't we see if they actually work??"


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a few months ago and of the 15 replies only about 4 could see that this was not the "typical offense". Some still question if DeBord called the game at all or alone. Henne always professed his love of the shotgun and they essentially let him go out of it as much as he wanted. No doubt this was an "all out" game.


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There is quite the selection of Michigan games over the next few days on BTN:

Monday - 

10 AM and 9:30 PM - 1999 Michigan-MSU

12:30 PM - 1993 Rose Bowl

3:30 PM - 1998 Rose Bowl

Tuesday - 

The two aforementioned Rose Bowls air at 12:00 AM and 3:30 AM, and then...

10:30 AM - 2001 Michigan-MSU

12:30 PM - 2005 Michigan-Ohio State

8:00 PM - 2004 Michigan-MSU

10:00 PM - 2007 Michigan-MSU

Wednesday - 

You get 2001 Michigan-MSU again at 4:00 AM and then...

8:00 PM - 2000 Michigan-Northwestern

Haywood Jablomy

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Set record, watch,, repeat till attaining nirvana. Too bad Henne and Hart weren't healthy all year. I know it's like complaining about only getting 2/3 cherries on your banana split but it'd been nice to see what would've happened had not Hart not fumbled twice. Amazing he went 1,005 carries between fumbles then drops two.


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Off topic I know, but I don't see a thread on it and I can't create one. Lawrence Marshall tweeted earlier that his father passed away. Condolences.


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it was driving me nuts and i was so riled up by the game that i went bow-hunting (last day of deer season) b/c i couldn't handle the back and forth of the game.  

came home with deer.  michigan won game.   a fine day all around. 


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knowing that he's thinking about Michigan's cupboard always being stocked, naively, before we embark on three decidely miserable years of Michigan football


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an 11-0 start and #2 ranking the previous season with most starters returning. A Heisman candidate at RB (Hart) and a senior laden team. Plus, we were preseason top 5 with talk of making the NC game... Until "IT" happened and Ronnie English forgot how to coach for the second week in a row on
Sept 8, 2007.


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I've commented rather negatively about the Lloyd era in other threads like this recently. The "what-could-have-been" feeling I get watching the 01-07 teams is periodically suffocating.

And this game prompts its share of ambiguous emotions. "Why couldn't we have played offense like this all the time?" "Where was this against OSU?" "Why couldn't we have built off of this momentum in the RR era?"

But despite that I still find this game one of the most satisfying of the entire Lloyd era. So what if there was underachievement? So what if the next few years were rough?For one game, a team I personally expected to get destroyed by a loaded Florida team that was between national titles played like the best team in the country. It was, in many ways, deserved vindication of the players and of much of the good of what Lloyd was. They crushed, finally, many long-time demons (unimaginable offense, can't stop a mobile QB, etc).

And for three magnificent hours (I watched them at Tarzana hospital in LA where I was working, some of the most enjoyable pay I ever made) it was absolutely glorious.

Mr. Yost

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It's so weird watching Mattison in UF gear coaching AGAINST Michigan (and watching his defense get tore up). Watching Justin Boren play for Michigan is weird as well. It's also creepy watching Aaron Hernandez out there, on Percy Harvin's long run Hernandez gets DESTROYED at the line of scrimmage. Michigan threw a pass to Jake Long in this game.

Lastly, the amount of NFL talent on this team was sickening. Carr was forever holding back guys for his way and his system...this game he unleached them all and it showed. Everytime they show Rich Rod and Bill Martin, I turn away before I throw something at the TV.


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the thoughts of a couple others, who mentioned the bitter sweet nature of this game. It was obviously a very nice win over a team with the Heisman Trophy winner, even more so considering the fact that media wasn't giving UM much of a chance in this game. It was also nice to see the coaches finally cut loose with the offensive playcalling, and play a more agressive style. Obviously, it was also nice to send Carr off with a nice feeling after the horrors experienced earlier the season.

However, it only makes the more conservative playcalling we typically saw from the staff even more frustrating in retrospect, and let's be honest that game did not salvage what was a still an disapointing and painful season. Regardless of how painful the RR era was, I still don't remember feeling as down after losses as I was after the first two games of 2007.


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Still have very fond memories of this game and do feel it did a lot to salvage that season. Beating SEC teams is right up there with beating OSU for me. This probably has a lot to do with this game being the best one while I was at UM and the SEC being the ascendant conference when first becoming a CFB and a Michigan fan. Just a great day.


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Standing there looking at his future team run a version of spread with players not even recruited for it, thinking of the bright future, not knowing that things are about to get unimaginably bad.