2007 Michigan at msu @ 3:30PM EST on BTN (HD!)

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A preview of what is to come in October, when we reestablish our reign of terror against sparty.

Recording it - expect it on mgovideo.com and the usual tubes.

Also...it's in HD! I've been looking for this particular game in HD, for quite some time.

*Edit - Now up on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfTJzGrw47w

Original broadcast available on MGoVideo - http://mgovideo.com/downloads.php?page=torrent-details&id=f610b2af2a24335a57ac82f8adecc20054ba1b41



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for the heads up! That was one of my favorite games that I have ever attended... sat 1st row corner of the endzone right above the M band.  Only thing that would have made it better is if those comeback touchdown catches were in my endzone :(

fave play: Mike Hart turns a Ryan Mallet fumble behind the line of scrimmage into a 10+ yard scamper to a first down... while the MSU crowd, confused and silent, processes what just happened


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I had to watch this on college gameday. It was before BTN. I remember at the end of the first OT they went to the next scheduled game. I remember calling and screaming at dish networks customer service. I've had comcast ever since..


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Out of the 6 straight wins in the 2000s, I love this one the most because MSU actually smelled victory late in the 4th, only to have their hopes shit on by Mario Manningham.

I'll never forget the smirk on Dantonio's face after they scored that TD late in the 4th quarter thinking he had done all he needed to do to secure victory.



Darth Wolverine

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The 2004 was the best out of the six straight, but 2007 is a close second. I loved it because Dantonio had that countdown clock to the Michigan game and it bit him in the ass. I know Brady put the countdown clocks to OSU and MSU in the M locker room, but it was still fun crushing their hopes again in 2007. Then it took two awful teams in 2008 and 2009 and also the worst defense in the history of defenses (2010) to get three straight on M.

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Unfortunately it is just compressed highlights to fit into their 2 hour format.  I believe Wolverine Historian has the entire game commercial free posted.

It's cool that BTN provides these classics, but I don't think they are worth archiving, considering the alternatives.  At least these relatively recent games.



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and how willing their own students are to sell tickets to their arch-rival? I got my ticket for like $50- couldn't believe how dumb the kid was.  

I remember they had blow up spears too and they kept jabbing us as if a balloon would hurt or something.  


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I was at that game!  I was sitting in the Sparty student section with some MSU friends of mine  and they were giving me so much shit.  I thought it was over until Henne went nuts and brought us back.  Crable made an unbelievable tackle on Ringer in that game where he missed a tackle behind the LOS and then caught ringer 50 yards downfield on the opposite side of the field.  It was a great game!


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Me too man! It was me and one other UM fan in a sea of raging lunatics and we were taking a good licking.  It was amazing the shit that was being talked right up until about 7 min left in the 4th.  As soon as Manningham caught that touchdown the place went quiet and all of the sudden nobody was talking shit anymore.  We marched out through Spartan Stadium and into the night singing "It's Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine" and it was gottdamn glorious.  

I went out and partied with some MSU friends after the game and I remember this kid at the liquor store pointed at me and said "you guys suck you lost to Appalachian State" to which I replied, "Yes, and we just beat you so what does that say about your team?" Of course, he had no reply and soon continued on being a bro but I'll never forget the profound confusion/ sadness on his face when he realized that yes, indeed, his Spartans were, are, and always will be, pathetic.  


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This game isn't bad, but it seems to be broadcast every 3-4 weeks.  The BTN needs to build a bigger library of past games.


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Just watched it, I never noticed how, at the end of the game, after we take the final knee, Henne takes off for the locker room and tries to jump in between the field goal post and the pad (which was in the process of being removed, leaving a window of about three feet). Henne trips over the bottom and pretty much falls flat on his face, before jumping back up, cheering and continuing on into the tunnel with glee. It was fun to wacth.