2007 Draft Do-over: Wolverines

Submitted by -dp- on April 16th, 2010 at 1:46 AM

NFL.com did a do-over of the first round of the 2007 draft, based on how the players in that class have performed. Four Michigan players were selected in the do-over, including 3 in the top 14. The only actual first rounder of the four, of course, was Leon Hall with the 18th pick. I just thought it was interesting to see how well they have played, and all four have exceeded expectations.

If the 2007 class was re-drafted now, they have:
#8 - Leon Hall
#11 - LaMarr Woodley
#14 - David Harris
#32 - Steve Breaston

On the other hand, two Buckeyes were drafted in the actual first round of the 2007 Draft, Ginn and Anthony Gonzalez. Neither were picked in the do-over.




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I was happy for Harris and Woodley and also glad that Drew Stanton would do nothing in the pros. Why would you want see our favorite Wolverines flounder on the Millen-Era Lions when they could succeed elsewhere? Getting passed over by the Millen-Era Lions is not a bad thing, it's a blessing. With that said I like Martin Mayhew's plan for the Lions and will officially be happy when Michigan players come here now.


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but David Harris would not have been a good fit in Tampa 2 scheme that the Lions were running at the time. Dropping back in coverage was not Harris's strength. He fits much better as a 3-4 MIKE where he doesn't have much responsibilities in dropping back and plays to his strength which is stopping against the run.

Robbie Moore

April 16th, 2010 at 6:58 AM ^

David Harris has proven to be a first round talent. Selected in the second round. Of course he wouldn't have been as good in Detroit. But hell, man, he would have been light years ahead of any of the three (count 'em, three!) second round selections the Lions did take. Stanton, the immortal Ikika Alama Francis and somebody named Gerald Alexander.


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How sad are the Lions?

Well, just take a look at some of their 2nd round draft picks over the past few years:

2002: Kalimba Edwards
2003: Boss Bailey
2004: Teddy Lehman
2005: Shaun Cody
2006: Daniel Bullocks
2007: Drew Stanton, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Gerald Alexander
2008: Jordon Dizon
2009: Louis Delmas

So from 2002-2009, we have gotten one good player, Louis Delmas, and that was last year. Yes, some of the guys (Boss Bailey, Teddy Lehman) probably would have been good players had injuries not derailed their careers, but that's just the luck of the Lions for you.


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you should exclude Mayhew since it wasn't him making the picks.

Mayhew is off to a very good start as a GM in terms of draft. He landed 4 and maybe 5 starters from last year draft which is more than what most team get out of one draft. He also got 3 players who is a 1st round talent which is rare. He found a gem in DeAndre Levy and possibly Sammie Lee Hill.


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talent as a 3-4 MIKE, not as a 4-3 MIKE. There is a big difference. 3-4 teams can wait til later round to take 3-4 MIKE and maximize their value out of their later round picks. Now, there are more 3-4 teams in the league so they can't afford to wait on players in the draft like the Steelers with Woodley, Jets with Harris, etc.

st barth

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yeah, we all know that Hall, Woodley, Breaston, Harris, etc are better than ginn & gonzalez...but it would have been better if they could have beaten them a few more times during those years.

f'in troy smith...man, f'in troy smith...