2006 Michigan Defense vs. Penn State Every Snap video

Submitted by Thorin on October 26th, 2010 at 10:20 PM

Stupid PI on Trent turns a 3-and-out into a 16-play drive, punt from the 35(!) bounces into the end zone for a touchback, Cianciolo throws a 43-yard screen for a TD against the best defense ever assembled: UNACCEPTABLE. 



October 27th, 2010 at 9:04 AM ^

So sad that we're in a place now, defensively, where we long for a defense which yielded 26 to Ball State, 42 to Ohio State and 32 to USC (who could have racked up more if they cared to).

I'm starting to wonder if 2006 was the exception or the rule, seeing that it was sandwiched between a 7-5 (that was a last second W over PSU and a OT W over Iowa from being 5-7) and a 8-4 season.


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I remember during the MSU game that year, the stadium scoreboard actually gave Tiger updates (they were in the clinching game against the Yankees).  It was a pretty dull game - we beat MSU easily - but every now and then you'd hear these spontaneous cheers from people in the stands listening to the Tigers.  It was fun.


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Was what a surprise the entire season was... right up until the end.  It was like Christmas every day after 2005.  Although our nickel package was exposed against Ball State (as pointed out by others) and exploited by tOSU and USC, our defense was still a joy to watch.


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This may be a dumb question, or has already been discussed on the board, but if our defensive struggles continue and we end up firing GERG (im not saying i want that), any chance we get Ron English back?


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I don’t understand why English is mocked by so many on this site. The same people who are loyal to the point of fanaticism about the current Michigan staff in spite of the results, are willing to badmouth former Michigan coaches who gave a lot to the program and actually got good results. Somehow it’s considered self-evident that English was a “bad” D coach. It doesn't look that way to me.


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I cried a little after watching that and remembering how great a day that was. I stll remember screaming about Magglio's homerun and then watching this sick defense kill qb's. Oh when it was good to be a sports fan in Michigan...

Hard Gay

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It's weird to see a linebacker wearing #45 making plays.

And why is it that everygame at Penn State features some guy yelling "HEADS HEADS HEADS" when Penn State is on offense?


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If we do get that D back some day do we have to let that O come with them?  18 sacks half of them at the PSU 20 or less and we put up an astounding 17 points with Hene, Hart, AA, Breaston, Long, Kraus, Bihl, Boren.  (Manningham was out if I recall)

While I wish for those D's, I will stick with this O...  we can have both,.. right?  Please god tell me I'm right..??


October 27th, 2010 at 2:09 AM ^

One of these years we will have a good defense.  I'm guessing it will take 2 more years before our defense is good.  Overall the '06 defense was very good, but USC got to us in the 2nd half of the '07 Rose Bowl and OSU put some points on this defense.  I liked the '97 and '85 defenses.  Those defenses shut every opponent down!


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at the 1:08/1:09 mark is what I need to start seeing again.  Unfortunately, the same play right now would likely result in at least an 8 yrd gain.

I understand the youth of our team... but that tackling and drive to not let the opposing team even an inch farther.  That is what I miss.


October 27th, 2010 at 11:22 AM ^

after watching that defensive performance did we only win that game 17-10.  There were only 2-3 big plays by Penn State that game.  Man, I cannot wait until our current defense quits giving up the big plays


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Watching this video, it appears that the 2006 scheme is not much different than what GERG ran in 2009.  There is a lot of "4-3 under" and "4-3 over" being played.

The difference is obviously the personnel.  We had true freshman Roh playing Crable's position (the "deathbacker" position was invented with exactly someone like Crable in mind).  Ezeh trying to be David Harris.  RVB/Martin trying to be Branch/Taylor.  The only positions where we had equal talent/production in 2006/2009 were Graham/Woodley and Warren/Hall.

Looking at our defense today, it looks like we at least have a starting foundation for a strong defense next year:

- I don't think it is too far fetched to see Roh develop into a Shawn Crable type player; Mike Martin is similar to Alan Branch at the same point in their careers; JT Floyd is very comparable to Morgan Trent heading into his junior year (obviously less speed but similar production); RVB is at least as good now as Jamison or Biggs were in their junior seasons.

- The key is obviously how close Demens and Jones can get to playing as Harris and Burgess did.  Also, we need to find our Leon Hall.