2005 Michigan - Penn State Final Drive video

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Why is 0:01 bicep kisser not a meme? This is a wrong that needs to be righted.




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Nobody was more estatic than me when this happened.  But right now it just depresses me as a Dolphins fan.  Throw the ball downfield damnit!!! I'm getting flashbacks from Sunday when he dumped it off to Lousaka Polite on 3rd and 8 for 1 yard on our last drive.

But really the last throw had to be one of the greatest in Michigan history.  I mean he threads the needle over 2 PSU defenders and put in the perfect spot to avoid the defender on Manningham's backside.  It's throws like these that help me feel confident that Henne is going to be a good quarterback.  I still think he checks down too often and too fast to do so.


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Wow, that's a great point.  Beyond the Breaston return, the 2 secs getting added back, and the final play, I had blocked out the rest of that drive. I must have been just short of a homicidal rage as Henne continually checked down, with only the very last throw going into the end zone when you need a TD to win the game.

Did anyone ever ask Breaston to see if he dropped that one pass in the flat on purpose? It would have gone for about 2 yards if he caught it and  even more time would have come off the clock.

A great outcome and a great final throw, but man, that drive was a bit dodgy.


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According to the broadcasters, Michigan's player of the game was a linebacker.  Obviously this was decided before the game was decided, but still, it's been a while.


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This was my freshman year when I was overly invested, emotionally, in the scoreboard at the end. I was one of the last people to leave Michigan stadium that night. No game remains more vivid for me than that one.

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how we love this game so much (me included) even though it was a highlight in an otherwise poor (relative to our then-standards) expectations. Just goes to show -- an exciting finish is memorable regardless of the season (I feel the same way about last year's ND game).


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I have gotten a chance to watch the drive.  I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii and didn't get a chance to watch the game, only highlights, and only heard about the 2 seconds and saw the highlight of the final play.  From this video, the 2 seconds added doesn't look like it was Lloyd complaining non stop for them like the Penn State fans have said.  It looks like the play ended, we called timeout right away, the clock ran past the timeout, and they reset the clock to the right time.  Classic finish.  Hopefully it won't be this close this year (meaning we roll) and we get an epic finish like this against TP and TUOS.


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Amazing to think that UM went into that game 3-3 and 1-2 in the Big 10.  The next year they were 11-0 going into the final game of the season.



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I was in the north endzone, so I couldn't really tell what happened on the last play.  I just heard the stadium explode.  Awesome.


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if the PSU safety does his job and steps back just 3 steps, henne's only option was probably Avant.  That would have been a thread the needle throw.

good times, good times.