2004 Michigan vs. Michigan st.

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Since we are all desperate for threads and not much to talk about i thought id post something that we can all enjoy. Braylonfest was one of the greatest comebacks i have ever witnessed. I was watching the game with my family and after deandre cobb took it to the house my dad shut off the tv in disgust. A little later i turned the tv back on with 3 min left in the game when henne threw the first td to Braylon. Anyone else remeber what they were doing during the game? Enjoy. BEAT STATE!!




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Easily the best game I've ever been to. I remember so many people in my section leaving prior to the comeback. Overtime was in the north end zone right in front of me. It's hard to believe that was 10 years ago.


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it being pretty ugly for a good bit of the first 3 quarters.

Not exactly sure but it went from being beautiful and 70 some degrees to feeling like it was 35 degrees by the end of the game. Yes I stayed.

I remember a Spartan sitting close by telling everyone to calm down and that we were going to come back and win. No lie.


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I wore jeans and my maize t-shirt. I was freezing to death by the end of the game in the student section. My roommate and I weathered the storm and by the end we were hugging other students in the stands. This game and when Henne hit Manningham on the slant to beat PSU were two of the best experiences I've had at the big house.


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My son was 6 days old. My Dad was staying with us because my sister gave birth 2 days after my wife so she got Mom. Dad was going to fly back to Michigan on Sunday, so we had to go to Church Saturday evening, midway through the fourth quarter. We decided to tape the rest of the game, just in case. When we got back home, we turned the TV on thinking that the game would be over already. Instead, they were in the 2nd overtime. We were shocked. So we watched the rest of the game, and then watched the tape to find out how we were able to come back.


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What a great, great memory that game brings.  I had taken my then 16 year old son Chris and after State scored to go up 27-10 we thought about leaving (had a 3 hour drive back to Cleveland) but decided to stay for one more possession.  Obviously that turned out to be the single best decision I've EVER made as the end of that game and overtime was one of, if not THE, most exciting games I've ever been to.

And I dont care what anybody says - that was the absolute loudest I've ever heard the Big House get - even without the luxury boxes in place.  The place absolutely shook from the noise and people jumping and banging the seats.  It was fucking awesome.

I miss games (and especially Michigan teams) like that.  

A lot.


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That place was rocking on State's last couple drives. Mike Tirico even said so on the broadcast and they had a false start on their second to last drive before we tied it. If only we could bring that kind of noise all the time. Don't give me the bad acoustics bs argument, it rocks if enough people open their mouth. 

rob f

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to Braylon Edwards lives strong in our memories, but Jason Avant had some key catches in that game, too, including a real tough catch in the back of the end zone for Michigan's 1st TD in OT.

Jaqen H'ghar

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I was up north playing ping pong with my cousins during the commercial breaks and running back in when Michigan would score a TD. Seemed like they scored every couple minutes when the comeback started. 

Funny thing is all my cousins go to State now but they were so happy when Michigan won

South Bend Wolverine

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Many great memories of that game - freshman year for me.  One unique one, though, came on the following Monday.  I was taking Religion 201 (Intro to World Religions), and none other than Prof. Ralph Williams was lecturing that day.  He came into class and said, in his own inimitable way, "This Saturday ... I attended my first ever University of Michigan football game ...  WWWOOOWWW!!!"  Whole class busted up!

Bando Calrissian

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I was there on the field with the MMB. Still one of the craziest games I've ever seen. That night was about half the damn band's section parties, and they all started at about midnight. Pretty sure I was so tired and worn out I didn't even go out.
Of course, all of my friends who weren't in the band bailed early. Everyone was wearing Halloween costumes and got uncomfortably cold by the third quarter.


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This is one of my favorite Mich games of all time. I was at my aunts house with all the family, both my aunt and grandpa are big MSU fans, have had season tickets for as long as I can remember, went to school all that jazz, all in attendance at the house, (my parents went to WMU so they are mutual bystanders and normally root for state and I just go against whatever everyone wanted me to do when I was a kid so naturally I root for Michigan.) I was 14 at the time so just in the prime years of being a Mich fan (when your young and you don’t know anything really about the inter workings of the game but you know you just wanna win.)

My mom had bought me a jersey before the game knowing we were going to the party and I was obviously going to wear it the whole time and take the heckling from the family of course. 

The whole game was kinda funny because I remember I was sitting on the floor the whole game and almost the entire time my aunt and grandpa kept giving me shit about Michigan sucking and just the typical teasing you could give a kid. At one point I distinctly remember them saying something to the effect of "oh we will pay you $10 to allow us to write the final score in green on the jersey after the game is over" (this was around the time of the cobb TD run.) I just kept my mouth shut for most of that and was just like yeah yeah whatever. I remember how bitter they got when Stanton (even talked about how pathetic it was that Mich fans were "cheering") got hurt and I was thinking well that could end up being big at some point to myself. 

During the comeback I was just going nuts the whole time as you could expect any kid to be like during such an emotional roller coaster ride of a 4th quarter/OT. The whole ending is a blur just with excitement and so much cheering by me and just shock by the family.

After the game I just remember being like oh so can you get that marker out and write the score and I want my 10 bucks type deal, which never happened, as I'm sure you could now imagine. But to this day I still talk about that game and they all deny that they were bragging so much and deny the whole jersey story but I still have that jersey and that is such a great memory I will never forget and just fuels my hatred for Sparty that much more because it was one of those once in a lifetime games you watch and get to enjoy on the winning side. Such a great game that was. I’ll be at the game this weekend with the family all wearing green and white, while I support my maize and blue.


Go Blue!  


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remembering the respect Michigan used to get from the announcers is something else. As bad as we were getting our buts kicked they still always talked like they expected Michigan to come back. I laughed at Bowdens comment "Braylon Edwards wearing that #1.. In Michigan language, that means youre superman"


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remembering the respect Michigan used to get from the announcers is something else. As bad as we were getting our buts kicked they still always talked like they expected Michigan to come back. I laughed at Bowdens comment "Braylon Edwards wearing that #1.. In Michigan language, that means youre superman"

Ty Butterfield

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Game is on BTN right now. Just an insane game. I was there with my Dad. I wanted to leave when Staee went up 27-10. My Dad said no way. It was so awesome to be there. Went to a Halloween party later that night and everyone was talking about the game.


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This was actually the first game that my wife and I went to as husband and wife (we were married in April 2004, as soon as the NCAA Tournament was over, of course). We were supposed to go to a reception after the game, and if it had ended on time, we probably would have been there long before people were beginning to cleanup. Around the beginning of the 4th quarter, my wife began nudging me and saying we should just go, and I still remember turning to her, "You don't just leave in these situations!" and I think the look on her face at that moment was when she realized the depth of my MGoObsession. Also, silly friend for having a wedding and reception ON THE DAY OF the Michigan / MSU game. 



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I had drill that weekend and a 45-minute drive home from that, so I missed the first part of the game. Listening to the radio on the way home, however, obviously didn't do much for my spirits - not least because I couldn't get Frank and Jim and had to listen to goddamn Blahblah. I went to my Mom's house because my sister who had just moved to Chicago was home for the weekend and was going to do my makeup for my costume for the Halloween party I was going to that night - I was going as "Martha Stewart in prison" as it was right after all that had happened (I have to say that was a damn funny costume). They were watching the game when I got there, a State fan buddy of my Stepdad's was over. Glad it was him, because he's about the only gracious, non-dickface hardcore State fan I know. He's a dairy farmer (yes, really). I ended up having to continuously remind myself that he was a cool guy and to keep my emotions in check starting at about that onside kick in the fourth...


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My first MSU game in the MMB, ranks up there with the greatest games I attended in undergrad, with only the '05 PSU game and the '06 OSU game (even though we lost) in terms of spectacular football moments. I would put ND '06 and Florida '07 up there too, but they can't compare because of the closeness and tension of the previous games.


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It was the first game I took my girlfriend to (now wife) and she still complains about how many hours it took to finish. For me it was the greatest game I have ever attended considering my seats were right in the corner where #1 did his thing.


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State fan here. I was watching this game at a bar in Ann Arbor decked in green and white. Feeling pretty good about myself most of the game. Even made the mistake of texting/taunting my little brother (um student at the time) throughout the game. oh boy....did that turn out poorly. Being a detroit lions fan and a msu (same old spartans at that point) fan I had been through some awful games but that still ranks in the top 2. As soon as you got to overtime you just knew Braylon was going to finish us off.