Since 2004

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Since our last Big Ten Title in 2004 ( yes thats right, 13 years ago) Michigan has 62 losses, an average of 4.77 per season.



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I'm so sick of this garbage people post on here. Cuz we aren't undefeated everyone wants to dig up these idiotic statistics. We are in transition still. Ya we had 2 good seasons with harbaugh. We still can. But we've averaged close to 5 loses a year. We've lost 3 back to back years. Is that not improvement? Seriously harbaugh wasn't gonna get us to 0-1 loss seasons and playoffs every year right away. The big ten is loaded. We are gonna get knocked down. We will bounce back. Harbaugh doesn't have his best team yet. We as fans need to understand that he needs time and stop being so negative. I'm pissed as anyone yes but still losses happen, I just know the future is much brighter than the past. We will be that undefeated or 1 loss team winning the playoffs shortly. Just have to be patient with harbaugh


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Expected a rebuild year after the mass departures after last season. Then the defense didn't drop off as much as we thought it would, but the idiotic play-calling throughout September got Speight off to a poor start, got him hurt, and now Houston's backup QB whose skillset doesn't even come close to fitting what the offensive coaches want to do. So we got our hopes up.


I figured the offense would be better and the defense would be worse. I didn't expect to get run out of PSU like this, but I also didn't expect John O'Korn to be the starting QB for most of the season. 


How's Jimbo Fisher doing down at Florida State now that he's lost his starting QB? 


But then again, he had to deal with some idiot fans calling for new coaches after today's loss too. Fucking "adults."