2003: Mike Hart Committed to Michigan.

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It boggles my mind that the last great UM Running Back verbaled to Michigan in 2003. Since then, not one back has truly stood out. Sure, you can point to Denard but he was the QB who also ran. Since Hart left, Michigan has not had one dominant running back. And that is just sad on so many level. https://twitter.com/UMGoBlog/status/1015943586259480581



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Since there's no point I'll make one. You truly never know which recruit might be the next game changing player, regardless of his recruiting profile.

The one thing I will say, however, is that I believe the scouting is much more advanced, and camps more ubiquitous than they were back in 2003. While guys are still underrated at times, it's much easier for fans to get a read on what type of a player a guy projects to be.

Chalky White

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I've heard that version also. He had a list of accomplishments on his wall that included playing for Michigan and winning the Heisman. If not for the injuries, he could have gotten to NY for the Heisman ceremony. It seemed odd that they wouldn't have already had his film. I don't know how Lloyd Carr handled recruiting in the early 2000s. In Valenti's version, he got one of those last second Spike Albrecht offers. 

Blue Ballin'

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I saw his high school film and sent the link to my best friend. Told him this was a kid to watch, probably going to wind up a multi-year starter. My friend's reply, which I'll never forget, was "not impressed, too small." If you watched his senior film, you had to be impressed with his elusiveness, balance, and ability to hit the hole in a hurry. He had okay speed for high school, but could have used just a little more in college and he'd have had more long runs.

Other than Lewan and a couple of other can't miss guys, Hart was my last successful recruit prediction. Fortunately, we have several guys on here, you included, who are good at it.   

Goggles Paisano

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The point is: It has been 15 years or so since Michigan has had a bell cow in the backfield.  I'm 48 years old and up until Mike Hart graduated, Michigan always had a "stable" of really good/great running backs during my lifetime.  Always.  Since he left, it has been just ok, but nothing like it used to be and that is the frustrating part and likely the reason for this post.  For us older generation on this board, it has been very frustrating trying to understand why we can't land some of the best RB's in the country each and every year. 

Now as time has gone by, many of the young folks and upcoming players don't remember when Michigan was loaded every year at both QB and RB.  The good old days we are hoping and expecting to get back to.  Hence, this post.  


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Those were the "Golden Years" when our QB, RB and WR got drafted year in and year out.  


Michigan has just had horrific luck with RB recruits.  Think of the 5 Star busts...Grady, Green, Isaac (bust for me if you are a 5 Star and not even land the starting role).   Then look at man of the highly rated recruits that were close to 5 stars that flamed out...such as our friend that just exited from NJ.  Also, our OL situation hasn't helped things either.


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I remember when it was the end of the world when Michigan lost Dee Hart.

The days where we have a pipeline of NFL talent at QB, LT and TB are coming back, don't you worry.

Brian Griese

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JOK was a very large reason of why Michigan lost. But it wasn’t 100% on him. Michigan did not force a single turnover in the game, even though they had one gift wrapped for them. OSU ran for almost 5 yards a carry for 226 yards. That’s not his problem either. The defense also allowed a back up QB to go 6-7 for 94 yards and a TD. JOK certainly gets an F for his performance, but the Defense probably gets a C- grade from me. So yes, JOK probably did cost Michigan the game, but Michigan still probably wins with an A performance from the D. 


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LSA...I agree with your point but for the  "Henne, Hart' Michigan teams.  They failed for 4 years, but I put the majority of blame on Carr.  Go back and look at the NFL talent on both sides of the ball during those years.  CRAZY talent...."Alabama" type of talent on the field.  That OSU wasn't beaten in that 4 year span, or that we didn't win another NC is kinda shocking.