2,000 yards passing/2,000 yards rushing

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I know that 2,000 yards rushing for Denard is going to be a tough feat to get  (he'll have to average 157 yards per game the rest of the season). But I was trying to find if any quarterback had rushed for 2,000 yards and passed for 2,000 yards in the same season. 



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it has ever been done, or really, will ever be done. That's not even healthy. That's using up like two years production in one year. I hope he DOESN'T get that, because his body would be so punished.


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Technically, Denard should "only" need to run for about 138 ypg assuming UM makes a bowl game this season.

However, UM has yet to play a good defense. Given how well Iowa shut down GT's triple option in last year's Orange Bowl and that Iowa has an extra week to prepare for the game, I expect they will do a pretty good job of shutting down Denard as a runner. MSU, PSU and OSU all have pretty good run defenses as well, so it may be difficult for Denard to continue amassing ridiculous rushing totals.

Of course, all of those good rushing defenses have been playing against teams with mostly average running games and those teams did not have a mobile QB like Denard.

So, in summary...I have no idea what is going to happen. Where is THE_KNOWLEDGE when I need him?


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There is a key difference between Michigan's zone-read option and GT's Triple-Option; the threat of the pass.  With Michigan's option the pass is the third option.  You don't get as much diversity with the triple-option because you've pretty much committed to the run for the play.  Which means that the defense can stack the box and play east-to-west without worrying about being beat over the top.  This doesn't mean we'll be fine and that Iowa can't defend our scheme.  It just means that they have to be preparing differently and more spread out around the field.


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Good point. I guess I got a little too caught up in the "they were a run heavy offense, we are a run heavy offense" mode of thinking.

The key of course will be: CAN DENARD STAY HEALTHY!?!?!? (Anyone else incredibly tired of hearing this repeated as nauseum by the MSM/opposing fans with regard to UM's offensive success?)


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Soo very tired... but on the bright side, that is really the only thing they have to say... me thinks their defensive plan is pray to God that Robinson gets injured (not just hurt) and can't play them, otherwise I think they're all crapping themselves.


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while I'm as tired as anyone of hearing about the durability issues, you can't ignore that he's been shaken up in every game thus far, giving us all that twinge of anxiety that really sucks. It's annoying to hear about it, but it's a valid concern.

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the all-time leading rusher for QB's in a season (edit: Div IA) was Beau Morgan for AF (1400 or so) but I don't think he cracked 1000 yds passing that season. So even if Denard returns to above average human like production stats for the rest of the Big Ten (100 yds rushing / 200 yds passing per game), he'll shatter the records for Rushing and have a shot at most yds from scrimmage by a QB in a single season (I think that's either Brian Mitchell's or Steve McNair's record but I'll have to double check)...


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was Joe Webb who passed for 2,299 and ran for 1,427 last year.  By closest I mean the most rushing yards by a player who has also thrown for 2,000.  


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games that he may be able to get almost 300 rushing yards in. I think that may be feasable for him to get, as most of his rushing yards come in big gains, many of them being 20 yard gains or longer.


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I was in a bar here in Florida just south of Sarasota watching Florida get mauled by Bama.  The 12 to 16 people behind me were constantly bitching about how Florida sucks this year and so on....then at half when the Michigan highlights came on you would not have belived what happened.

One super loud big dude all decked out in Gator garb told the crowd to shut up...and they did, then he said check out Denard's stats.  Then for the next 20 minutes as Florida became irrelivant I listened to them discuss how great Denard was and why couldn't they get a guy like that to backfill for Tebow. 

In the bar, the Florida fans think Denard is real deal and if he keeps it up he wins the Heisman.

I have no idea if he will win it or not...I was shocked and pleasantly surpirised at the Florida Fans reactions.  They also began to discuss how the "greatest teams" in the country need to stay strong.  In fact a few of them said the wanted Michigan to get back to it's championship ways just to kick OSU's ass.

In any event I found it interesting.


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My favorite part may be that Denard could care less! He just wants to help Michigan win games. I love all the talk and "what ifs" but i love his humility even more!!!


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I thought this was going to be a thread asking during which game our D will have allowed this many yards.

If I recall correctly it wasn't until OSU last year that we went over 2000 in rushing.. I think the season total was only 50 or so over 2000.

Edit - looked it up, 2063 yds rushing allowed last year.