2 Texas players accused of sexual assault at Alamo Bowl [LOCKED]

Submitted by Leaders And Best on December 28th, 2012 at 4:00 PM

2 Texas Longhorns football players were suspended and sent home from the Alamo Bowl after being accused of sexual assault last night.  Early reports are the two players are QB Case McCoy and LB Jordan Hicks.


Mod edit: Discussions on a high profile sexual assault case rarely result in anything positive, especially with practically no facts on hand. Ugly situation all around, including some of the comments already which will no doubt multiply. Thread locked. JGB.



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I'll leave it up for a few minutes, if we get another over the line joke (or two or three) and there's nothing remotely good coming from the thread I'll go ahead and lock it. If, somehow, there's a mature discussion to be had, I'll check in on it and watch for any of the former while allowing people interested in the discussion to have it.

I will say it's looking like there's not much point to an MGoDiscussion on it right now.


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This is a very unfortunate story, and whether true or not, it also involves the two most high profile players on the team. Regardless of it being fair or not, even more questions will likely be asked about Mack Brown now. Sad all around.

State Street

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I know nothing about the law, nor am I assuming that they are guilty or innocent.  But why would a female invite two Texas football players into her hotel room at 2 AM if she had no intention of letting one (or both) boink her?

And why are these players out trashed at 2AM a few days before a bowl game?


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Regarding the first part of your comment - are you saying that if a girl invites you to her hotel after midnight she automatically wants to fuck?  Maybe she wanted to hang out, maybe she wanted to smoke weed, maybe she only wanted oral or maybe she wanted to fuck but then changed her mind.  Maybe she didn't really want them to come back there in the first place but they were big drunk guys who were being pushy.

Either way, just because a girl brings a guy back to her place by no means proves consent.  You don't need to be an attorney to know that.  


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And where did you get that these players were "trashed?"  There is nothing in the article nor the police report that suggests the players (if that's even who is being refered to in the report) were drinking.

This is the kind of bullshit post that just makes me wish these kind of threads were locked.  Horrible rape jokes aside, all kinds of assumptions and inferences get made based upon little fact and a lot of speculation... these assumptions and inferences get stated as fact... and everyone gets carried away.  


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This reminds me of that episode in Blue Mountain State when the girl invites the opposing QB to her room and claims rape to keep him out of the game.  Of course this is reality so not funny but I wonder if stuff like that happens.  I imagine these shows base some of their episodes on real life incidents.


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Obviously I'm not expert, nor do I know all the details.

Let's just say that, based on the police report, I wouldn't prematurely convict the football players of anything other than being idiots.


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a lot like i tell my daughter almost daily, don't get yourself in that position to where you can get caught up in something bad. either way it's a very unfortunate situation for all three to be in with their futures potentially changed forever.