The 2 most annoying things to me in Saturday's game (both on defense)

Submitted by Champeen on September 5th, 2018 at 1:56 PM

2 Major:

Our DT's constantly getting pancaked.  I haven't re-watched the game.  I just can't yet.  Maybe never will.  I don't know if it was Dwumfour, the 5-star Solomon or both but holy hell i was getting so extremely frustrated.  Fuck fall practice hype tidbits.

CB's (especially Hill) getting blocked constantly back into LB's and Safeties.  Kudos to ND's line and their OL coach,  they are good.  But holy shit your quicker than these guys run by/past them, don't let them perfectly string you out on a play, and dont fucking engage a guy straight up who is 150 pounds heavier than you!!!


Bush overrunning/stringing out sideline to sideline so aggressively, he creates cutback lanes that Jerome Bettis and Christian Okoye can see and run through.  Extreme overpursuit.

DE's getting way the hell too far upfield creating running lanes also.  I miss Chris Wormley and Lamar Woodley, who were always in control of his anchor position and not reckless.

Gary for Show, Winovich for Dough.

In conclusion, our offense sucked (especially the run game!!!) but we all thought it could happen.  There is no excuse for this all-NFL defense.

I could be wrong on 1 or more above as i have not re-watched and a few plays just keep running through my head, but this was definitely the feelings i had while watching




Matte Kudasai

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People complaining about what people should post about is lame.  

Not everyone has read every thread for fear of insulting the board elites.

If you don’t like the topic or post move on instead of complaining about the post.

This is a great forum but too much attitude.  Sometimes people just want to vent.  Get over it.


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I think it's pretty damn reasonable to expect people to read the blog somewhat regularly before posting. No, you don't have to comb every thread to ensure what you're saying isn't buried in comment #213 from four days ago. But this contributes nothing.

If you need to vent, find a friend or hop on the MLive comment section. This blog is predicated on providing interesting, informed analysis.


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Jesus Christ. Elitist? We're just annoyed by the 50th guy who's made his own thread about how he's pissed about Michigan football. Made worse by the fact that he doesn't know what he's talking about. But apparently not wanting the board filled with inane, angry BS makes me elitist. Now I'll continue sipping coffee smugly from my 20 dollar coffee maker in my small studio apartment.

Matte Kudasai

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Nothing he said was offensive.

Redundant? Yes.

But that's what you get when people are pissed off.

It's not a big deal to ignore it.  Others may have wanted to add to it.

Usually posts like this end a day or two into the new week.

Hell, I'm surprised people haven't surrounded Schembechler Hall after that shit show on Saturday.

If Harbaugh doesn't deliver this year, this program is fucked.  Sorry, that's probably the 3rd time I've said that.  


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This place has become so ridiculously predictable following a loss.

Game Day: Everyone is enraged/drunk and posting about how they are enraged and drunk

Day 1: Everyone still mad, a million snowflake threads. A sprinkle of optimism with a bunch of rage, anybody who's optimistic gets told a million facts about why they are wrong.

Day 2: Half of the posts are still angry. The other half are optimistic, telling people they aren't real fans, or making a bunch of excuses.

Day 3 and onward: Unbridled optimism. Any legitimate criticisms get completely ignored.

Anybody that breaks the norms of these traditions is shit all over. This place is the biggest cult of normalized behavior that I have ever seen on the internet.

Newton Gimmick

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i don’t think the d-ends were getting too deep; the problem was that the tackles got almost no push at all. and mone and marshall started, not dwumfour and solomon, which is super disappointing. 

if the interior d-line did anything the running lanes would’ve been constricted


September 5th, 2018 at 4:37 PM ^

Dwum was ineffective and did get so long they sat on him on one play. Gil looked slow at LB—Ross should start this week.

Hawkins settled in nicely after his TD letting tip.

Hill looked more like his brother, taking plays off/getting burned when there’s no way the other guy is faster than him. 

I ist want every player to be focused and engaged in every play they are in for all 60 minutes. 


September 5th, 2018 at 2:08 PM ^

I had three things that bothered me from Saturday.  One from defense, one from offense and one on special teams ironically enough.

Offense: We need to call more plays that score touchdowns.  The plays that just get three yards (or less sometimes) suck.  And the plays we call that get the QB sacked really, really suck.  Stop calling those.

Defense: Why arent we tackling people before the get 10 yards or intercepting the ball more?  Seems to me if was the defensive coordinator I would tell the guys "hey, you need to tackle them before they get 10 yards or intercept the ball!"  Why dont we do that?

Special Teams: I would tell Michigan to keep running the ball back for a touchdown BUT stop screwing up the snap on field goal attempts.  I was happy we ran it back for a touchdown but I was unhappy we screwed up the FG snap.  We should stop doing that.


September 5th, 2018 at 2:17 PM ^

On D a few things frustrated me.   One, we missed way too many tackles, including literally hopping onto Wimbush's back at one point and not bringing him down.   

Obviously, the bad penalties were killer.

Hill getting torched twice was more shocking than annoying. 

NOT containing the interior on 3rd and long which repeatedly enabled Wimbush to scamper for a 1st down.

To their credit, Wimbush had a knack for throwing just before getting hit and he made some great passes and on both sides of the ball ND won every single fricking 50/50 ball.   Every one of them.  Even on a PBU in the 1st quarter their receiver won it because it's a ball that should have been picked off.  

Arb lover

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It's not that this is simply another hot-take thread. Its' that this could easily have been a comment in one of the dozens of hot-take threads on the same topic over the past four days. 


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Were they actually too far upfield though? I didn't see Wimbush going through gap's they would be responsible for. Wormley seemed to stunt way more (probably because he didn't have the same speed rush ability as Gary?) so that may explain why he was more likely to be near the center of the field?


September 5th, 2018 at 2:39 PM ^

We missed Hurst that game more than I imagined we could miss a single defender.  Our DTs got bullied and pancaked, Dwumfur was on the receiving end of a few total pancake blocks and looked at times like he didn't belong out there.


September 5th, 2018 at 3:37 PM ^

I don't want to make a new thread but since you mentioned the corners I'll attach Coach Zordich's interview talking about the performance of the DBs. Interesting remarks. It's refreshing to see a coach be real and actually demand that guys are held accountable. He says, "... next play Vert (Lavert Hill) looks like he's never covered a guy man to man" We didn't see Hill much after that. He goes on to mention that Hawkins has to make that play. We need more Zordich's. I'm surprised he hasn't got a coordinator spot yet.