1st Team All-Ohio, Division 1: AJ Williams OL, Joe Bolden LB

Submitted by chitown.victor on November 30th, 2011 at 5:21 PM

Just thought I'd share this news.  I found the results on his conference's website, but not on the OHSAA site.  I am guessing they have not posted there yet, and may be waiting until after the state championship games are played this weekend.  Caleb Stacey was selected as Honorable Mention All-Ohio as well.  Link:


I am hoping there will be at least a few more players to add once I find the rest of the players selected.

EDIT: Caleb Stacey is Special Mention, not Honorable Mention. 



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D III 1st team:  Dymonte Thomas, Jarrod Wilson.  Didn't see any others in D III or IV

And Kalis was awarded Special Mention in D1.  I am sure that was nothing political.....


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Well thats encouraging.  Nothing about that kid has ever really stuck out to me but he is all state and got a big jump in scout's rankings. It seemed like every time we had the weekly commit updates he would have like 3 tackles and 20 yards receiving.  I hope he becomes a big time player at michigan.


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has williams been playing exclusively on the Oline this yr, or has he gotten time at TE as well? personally im rooting for him to stick at TE, so Im hoping he doesnt lose his ability to run routes and catch the ball. even though hed probably be primarily a blocker, im envisioning some bigtime playaction receptions on obvious running downs.