1st Report from Dallas

Submitted by TorontoBlue on August 30th, 2012 at 9:46 AM

Arrived yesterday in staggered shifts from different locations - everyone super excited to be here.  Couple of notes:

1)  DFW airport was designed by drunk Martians, not engineers.  Very convoluted and difficult to maneuver around in the complex particularly if you have folks flying in on different airlines.  Tiny little alleyways and if you aren't paying attention and miss your cutoff you are screwed.  The rental car complex is a 15 minute bus ride significantly off the property and you think you're being taken to Siberia by the time you get there.  And when you drive back in, you pay a toll.

2)  Everyone super friendly and welcoming.  Lots of "Michigan is arriving", "Michigan's in the house" comments as we are at bag claim and moving around.  One thing we didn't take into account is that all the other ESS  EEE SEE teams are on our side and pulling for us to knock off Bama.  Lots of  hand shakes and high fives form LSU fans, Aggie fans, Arkansas fans telling us they are Michigan fans on Saturday.  

3)  At Albertson's last night to stock up, there is a very attractive Texas Big Hair housewife with a cart full of enough bottled water to last till Christmas in front of us at checkout.  As she is paying, she turns to us and looks us up and down and smiles sweetly and says "Roll Tide".  We had a blast telling her she would be learning all about Hail To The Victors this weekend, Bama fans seem nice and friendly and not malicious just supportive and fun folks.

4)  Lots of freeway construction in this town.  And they don't mark things well so if you encounter any, the driver needs to pay close attention - miss one cutoff and you're lost.  We are using Texas 114 going west from DFW and it's a real challenge to stay on the right highway!

5)  Opted to stay in the Champions Circle complex in Ft Worth.  Nice Marriott, nice Greg Norman golf course, and right across the street from Texas Motor Speedway where we have a tour and test drive scheduled tomorrow morning.  Just Chili's for dinner last night watching the Cowboys game but headed to downtown Ft Worth for real Texas food with all the good rec's in hand from the folks who took the time to post earlier about local hotspots for us - thanks to all of you for making this trip even more fun.

It's 100 degrees +, pack your sunscreen and GO BLUE!



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Thanks for the updates, really!  We arrive tomorrow morning so the traffic/construction/airport info is very helpful.  Any other MGoBloggers flying out of GRR tomorrow morning?


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My sis and I will travel Sat morning from Houston. We will be in Lot 10 to start out, yes!

I concur on other SEC fans pulling for UM. My aggie cousins, my mom & uncle (UK) and some LSU friends all hate Bama.


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Warning to those using DFW.  Be very careful when leaving via the North Exit.  YOU WILL GET LOST unless you brought a GPS and don't mind getting on a few wrong highways. 

They are doing crazy construction on the North Exit and the last time I was there I was forced onto the wrong highway because they closed a whole bunch of ramps and forced you onto an exit.  I highly recommend leaving via the South Exit.    However, you can still reach the airport via the North Entrance although it takes you through a detour on the side roads while they fix the highway. 

To those traveling eastbound from DFW, be wary of a highway called 635.  Yes it may be the highway in Office Space (in the very beginning) but there is even more construction on 635 than at the Airport.  Check google traffic updates if you are planning on using it. 

As for DFW, it was designed to have the gates, baggage claims, and parking as close as posssibly together.  If you look at it in that light you'll realize you walked like 1000 feet to your baggage claim and if you parked at the terminal, your car is like another 2000 feet away.   Watch the signs closely as you drive around as there are a lot of exits in every lane (including the middle one).  And yes there is a toll for just driving in but its a dollar so suck it up.




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Also for those of you in Dallas and looking for things to do...


Pregame Happenings for Michigan fans in the DFW area . . .


Friday August 31 - 8:00pm - Black Friar - Uptown


Michigan fans and supporters come join us at Black Friar Pub in Uptown the night before the Cowboy Classic at 8:00 PM.   Wear your Michigan gear and there's a great chance your first round will be paid for.  Come out and meet the President of the local alumni club along with other board members.  You may even hear Hail to the Victors at the pub!  The Black Friar Pub is located at 2621 McKinney Ave, Dallas, Texas 75204.


Friday August 31 - 6:00pm - NYLO Hotel - Las Colinas


If you are staying in the area, NYLO is offering a complementary happy hour at 6:00pm to Michigan fans.  The NYLO is located at 1001 West Royal Lane, Irving, TX 75039.


Friday August 31 - 6:00pm - Arlington


Be sure to stop by Humperdinks in Arlington if you are in the area with other Michigan fans for a great time.  Humperdinks will open at 9:30am on game day for Michigan fans for a place to congregate before the game.  They offer a $10 per person round trip shuttle service to the game.


Friday, August 31 – 7:00pm - Fort Worth


You’re invited to join in the camaraderie and spirit of being with fellow Michigan fans at the Texas and Pacific Tavern and Grill, commonly known as the “T & P Tavern”. Located one block from the Omni Hotel-Fort Worth, the “T & P Tavern”, is in the 80 year old train depot in downtown Fort Worth, at 221 W. Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth.


Game day events . . .


ESPN College Game/Day broadcasting live from Lot 3 (Corner of Legends Way and Randol Mill Road).  Coverage begins at 8:00am on ESPNU and 9:00am on ESPN.


This event is so big the club is hosting two watch locations!  If attending the Cowboys Classic, stop by Humperdinks in Arlington for food, drinks, & socializing before & after the game.  Humperdinks will also offer round-trip shuttle service to Cowboys Stadium for $10 per person.  For those without tickets, come on out to our regular football watch location at the Fox & Hound in N. Dallas to cheer on the Wolverines.


Humperdinks – Arlington – opens at 9:30am

700 Six Flags Drive (Southeast corner of Six Flags over Texas at Road to Six Flags St East)



Fox and Hound English Pub & Grille – N. Dallas

18918 Midway Rd @ Rosemeade Pkwy (1/2 Mile South of SR190 - George Bush Tollway)


oriental andrew

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I hate DFW.  Note that if you're going to/from Arlington, you're best served using the SOUTH entrance.  Rental car facility is on the south side.  Avoid following signs to the North entrance.  It is one heck of a long drive and you'll just have to drive all the way through again to get to the rental facility. 

Also, DFW actually has tolls going into and out of the airport grounds.  You get a ticket as you go into the airport itself, unlike most airports where you get a ticket when entering the parking garage.  Everyone has to pass through the toll gates to exit the airport.  So they make money off you when you're there to just drop someone off without parking.

When returning a car, I made the mistake of going through the North entrance, having to go through the entire airport, and explaining to the guy at the gate on the South side that I was just trying to return a rental car and didn't think I should pay.  He said it happens all the time and just let me through without paying.