1st Q deep post route: Good throw by Denard, bad route by Hemingway?

Submitted by SanDiegoWolverine on September 12th, 2011 at 3:40 PM

I've read a lot of opinions around here about Denard's inaccuracy in the first half but no one has mentioned the deep post route that Hemingway ran (similar to his be completion from the Western game) and Denard aired out but hit the turf four or five yards from Hemingway.

To me and the two friends I came with it looked like a beautifully placed throw. We were sitting in the south endzone 80 rows up with the play going away from us; we had pretty damn good view of the route and the throw. It looked like Hemingway ran the wrong route, maybe a semi-circle rather than a straight cut, and if he had cut straight to the ball and not let up he easily should have been able to get to it.

I'm not sure what it looked like on TV but I'm guessing it looked like a bad throw. To me it looked like it put exactly where it should have during his Western completion to Hemingway he "left short". I'm curious if anyone else remembers that through who was in the south part of the stadium and if they agree or thing Hemingway did run the right route.



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If I am not mistaken, he ran into another Michigan receiver which slowed him down a touch and in turned caused the pass to be overthrown.  I believe the play you are talking about was when Denard rolled to the right and threw it back left?  They showed on the replay during the game that he run into someone from Michigan, slowing him down.

Space Coyote

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And I thought it was Hoke that said it, but that Hemingway did run the wrong route on one occassion.  The play you are talking about I believe the two WRs ran in to each other (as Goblue89 noted) which shouldn't happen.  Something wrong happened on that play.


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This play was when Denard threw a ball towards the right sideline and he threw it behind Hemingway a good 2-3 yards.   It wasn't the play where Hemingway and another receiver (I think Roundtree) ran across each other.

I thought the same thing as the original poster, as it looked like the most "open" place for Hemingway was where Denard threw the ball, but Hemingway kept going towards the sideline (which was a bit more difficult spot, b/c a defender was more in the way).

It could certainly have been Denard's fault, as I'm no expert, but watching it live and then on replay, I thought, "Hmm...that looks like a good place to put the ball."

Might have to wait for the video, and even then, I'm not sure if we'll know.


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I'm reffering to the deep post route where Denard ran to the right a tad and then threw a bomb to the left. Looked like a beautiful pass as it went up and some funny stuff happened with Hemgingway's route and it didn't get to it in time. I didn't see that Hemingway ran into someone but maybe that's why his route was messed up. I'll have to look at the video once the "every offensive down" you tube clip comes out to see what it looked like on TV although I seriously doubt you'll be able to watch Hemingway run the route and the ball at the same time as was possible real time.

Blue boy johnson

September 12th, 2011 at 4:27 PM ^

I just re watched it and it looks to be overthrown regardless of what route Hemingway would have chose. But don't worry, Denard to Hemingway will get you 50 yards a pop in the long run. Our Oakland Raider offense might not be sustainable or efficient but it is fun to watch when it clicks.


PSA. Desmond Morgan was the only freshman to burn his redshirt Saturday. Morgan joins

Countess, Brown, Beyer, Clark, Wile as Freshman who have participated.

Caveat: I heard the public address announcer mention #21 Raymon Taylor on kick off coverage but it appears to have been #21 Junior Hemingway who participated on special teams.


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Whoever's fault it was, they get a free pass as far as I'm concerned.  After a game like that, I don't have any emotional energy left to spend worrying about one incomplete pass.  I"m putting it in the "shit happens" file.

I'm just happy for a great win.  I really don't think there is any game left other than Nebraska that Michigan can't win.  I certainly didn't think that before the season started.  The last quarter proved that Denard can move the ball in this offense, too.  It is a credit to both him and Borges.  I feel a lot better about the offense now than I did on Friday.


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I seen tons of overthrows, behind the back passes, and drops from receivers.  Denard needs to be more consistent in the first half with his throwing. 

I can tell you this, we need a power running game by the backs if we want a chance to win the Big Ten this year!