May 20th, 2017 at 12:04 PM ^

I have a request. There was a player interview clip on one of the Detroit-area news stations with one of the Michigan players following the 1997 win over Penn State (it might have been Dhani Jones, but I can't remember for sure). This clip contained my all-time favorite quote by a Michigan player, when in reference to the lopsided nature of the game he said, "We are Michigan! They're just Penn State." His dismissive shrug while delivering the second half of the quote was perfect, and may be why the memory is still so vivid.

Despite looking for this clip at various times over the years I have been unable to find it. Any chance you have it?


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Who do you think will be Michigan's starting o-line?. I think  LT:Cole   LG:Bredeson   C: Kugler   RG: Onwenu   RT: JBB        Sorry do not no how to make thread.