1995 Michigan vs Ohio St.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! This game should cheer evryone up because we are curently in a similar situation. OSU was ranked #2 in the country and were coming in 1 game away from a chance at a national championship. Tim Biakabutuka had the best game of his career tht day rushing fo 313 yards averaging 8.5 yards per carry!! His effort won us the game 31-23 even when everyone had written us out. We had lost to Penn St the week before, lost to MSU, and the season was pretty much all over for us. Hopefully our team will b inspired to play as much as this team was. GO BLUE!! 



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Remember seeing Buckeye fans with Roses pre-game. Then they lost and dropped all the way down to Citrus Bowl vs. Peyton Manning (and lost that one too).

Wish we had half the O-Line today that we had then.


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I was at this game as well. 

As a note on just how much of the game for Michigan was Tim Biakabutuka, he accounted for 313 of Michigan's 381 net rushing yards. Williams and Hayes were the only other players with more than 10 yards rushing. Griese went 9-18 for 103 yards, so Biakabutuka accounts for almost 80% of the offense for the Wolverines in this game. An icredible performance indeed. 


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I remember saying to my sister "just give the ball to TIM!" because we were not very good throwing the ball. Griese played a lot better the next year in relief.

I was amazing watching the red shirts around us going through grief as the game got late into the 2nd half. In this era, a 10-1 Ohio team would get a BCS bowl bid, not Citrus Bowl. Even Ohio fans knew this loss would sting on the field and in the bowl match-ups.

The game probably made Timmy B millions as he was drafted in the 1st round (8th pick) by Carolina.

Magnum P.I.

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This was the second M game I ever attended with my grandpa in his season ticket seats. Lot of buck fans in the crowd that day.

Sadly, Timmy Biakabatuka isn't walking through that door on Saturday. For some reason, I don't see Fitz going for 300 yards to bail us out. Call me pessimistic.


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I watched that game with my dad and his friend Bill, who have us free tickets to the MSU/PSU game that day. MSU lost and i gloated the entire time.


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I was there. Does anyone remember how freezing it was? By far the coldest UM game I've ever been to. There was a lot of confidence in the stadium that year, in spite of OSU's ranking. We simply don't have that confidence this year, at least in the fan base. Hopefully the players don't pay attention to the pessimists on mgoblog.