1994 --> 1995: Moeller to Carr

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(This is not off-topic because Mattison's hire actually prompted me to look in to this)

So, based on what I was able to piece together, this is what Gary Moeller's staff looked like in 1994:

Lloyd Carr DC/Asst. HC
Kit Cartwright QB/WR
Mike DeBord OT/TE
Bill Harris ???
Jim Herrmann ST/LB
Fred Jackson RB
Greg Mattison DL
Les Miles OL
Bobby Morrison OLB/Recruiting

After Moeller's dismissal, Les Miles left Michigan to become the OC at Oklahoma State under Bob Simmons, whom he had coached with at Colorado on McCartney's staff.  That made the 1995 staff under interim head coach (later head coach) Lloyd Carr:

Vance Beford DB
Erik Campbell WR
Kit Cartwright QB
Mike DeBord Assistant Head Coach
Brady Hoke DE
Jim Herrmann ST/LB
Fred Jackson RB & OC (thanks jmblue)
Greg Mattison DC
Bobby Morrison OL

So, a couple of things I am trying to work out (as I relive my high school years and spin (What's the Story) Morning Glory on repeat in my head.

1). What did Bill Harris coach for Michigan in 1994?

2). Did Gary Moeller serve as his own offensive coordinator?

3). Who was Coach Carr's offensive coordinator during the 1995 season?  (DeBord did not get the job until 1997)

4). Is it possible that DeBord and Miles were coaching the O-Line in 1994?

5). Was Hoke's hire simply to coach the defensive ends, or was it a broader defensive portfolio?  Does this indicate that Harris was a defensive coach that needed to be replaced?

Any help or insight that can be provided would be very helpful, thank you!



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1.  No idea.  

2.  I believe Moeller was his own OC.

3.  Fred Jackson was the OC in 1995 and '96.  After two disappointing offensive seasons, Carr "promoted" him to assistant HC and relieved him of his OC duties.

4.  I think the OL was strictly Miles's responsibility.  I believe later on DeBord coached tackles and TEs, though, so if they split duties then, Miles must have been coaching interior linemen.

5.  Don't know.  I know that from 1997 onward, he coached the entire DL. 

BTW, I'm pretty sure Carr was the DB coach in addition to being DC in 1994. 

Bando Calrissian

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And that Fred Jackson "promotion" was a rather welcomed change.  My lingering memories of 1995 and 1996 consist of quite literally going out of my mind about Fred Jackson's playcalling.

I mean, who can forget those halcyon days of Will Carr getting carries at fullback?


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See, this is why you don't blindly trust Wikipedia.

After Gary Moeller's resignation, Miles left Michigan again to join former Colorado assistant Bob Simmons staff at Oklahoma State as offensive coordinator. A rift with the University of Michigan occurred near the time of Moeller's resignation, forcing him to seek employment elsewhere.

It actually contradicts itself within the article, which I just presumed was more defiance of metaphysics in the grand Les Miles tradition.


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Like Woah.

According to their Wikipedia coaching history, both Mattison and Fred Jackson were coaching on the Naval Academy Staff in 1987 (Jackson WR coach, Mattison DL coach).


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Moeller single-handedly dragged Michigan into the modern era offensively.  If you look back at some of the M games from the late 1980s, you can see Moeller trying to talk Bo into doing something sweet (like going for it on 4th down, e.g.) and getting shot down. 

Blue in Seattle

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But not many actually.  These were my first two falls in Seattle and it wasn't until 1997 that ESPN had negotiated for the rights to broadcast All UofM all the time every game every week.

But I had the fortune of being DINK (Double Income No Kids) and we flew back to Michigan for every Thanksgiving, actually 1995 being my 10 year reunion for High School, so I was in the stadium watching the 313 yards and a cloud of dust, as well as that incredible game ending interception by Woodson.  Watching from the "not students end zone" it was truly incredible because it looked like the receiver was completely open (Woodson mostly behind the receiver) and then suddenly, right before the receiver catches it, it looks like Woodson jumps up more than a foot taller than the receiver's jump and snatches the ball from right in front of the receiver.  Then he runs around like a crazed lunatic until his teammates tell him to fall down already cause the game is over!.

1996 was spent at my Sister's in Michigan, but on the sofa watching the Buckeyes fail to score any touchdowns.  I think that was Griese's DUI year and he started the OSU game because of an injury to the starting QB (who I can't remember because I didn't get to watch any other game from Seattle!)

So all I remember of that time was being disappointed reading the papers about the Michigan season, and then being happy that they finished it by beating a higher ranked OSU team.  Without those wins I think Lloyd would have been gone (especially 1995) and strangely I feel like he would have welcomed that.

But then 1997 happened and since every game was on ESPN I decided to record them all.  My boss at the time was a UT Alum, and after Peyton lost to Florida yet again I remember him asking me why I'd been so quiet about Michigan's success?  ahh what a year...


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Thanks for the info, I remember that '94 season and how that team was snake bit from the Colorado game on, I definitely questioned Moeller's play calling near the end (the handoff to Che Foster especially comes to mind). The ball being stolen from Biakabutuka  by a Penn State Linebacker after the play was over, just being beaten on both sides ofthe ball by Wisky and the loss to tOSU. I kind of felt that the players gave up on that season and questioned whether or not this was the right leadership for the team. Anyway the rest is history.