1991 Heisman Trophy Presentation

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The 91 Heisman Trophy vote would go down still to this day as the biggest margin of victory by any football player. Our very own Desmond Howard won the trophy with 2077 votes beating FSUs Casey Weldon who got 503 votes. Desmond got the highest percentage of first place votes ever with 640 votes to 19 for Weldon. OJ Simpson was at the presentation and his reaction was priceless. Too bad his life spiraled outta control. I also posted the 91 awards ceremony where Desmond won the Maxwell award.

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Here is the comprehensive voting, courtesy of Sports-Reference.com:

Rk Player School Class Pos Tot
1 Desmond Howard* Michigan JR WR 2077
2 Casey Weldon Florida State SR QB 503
3 Ty Detmer Brigham Young SR QB 445
4 Steve Emtman Washington JR DL 357
5 Shane Matthews Florida JR QB 246
6 Vaughn Dunbar* Indiana SR RB 173
7 Jeff Blake East Carolina SR QB 114
8 Terrell Buckley Florida State JR DB 102
9 Marshall Faulk San Diego State FR RB 52
10 Bucky Richardson Texas A&M SR QB 45


Brewers Yost

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Blake played for the Bengals and was an average to above average starter from my memory. Buckley was also pretty good.


Emtman was a beast but injuries plagued his career; amazing how far medicine has progressed since the 90's.

I feel old now.


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As someone born in 1988, it is really bizarre to see OJ Simpson receive a round of applause at the mere mention of his name, with a 100% approval rating.

The FannMan

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I was a 21 year old junior when it happened.  It was the most certain thing ever.  He was an absolute lock since about halfway through the year.  Thus, the "Hello Heisman" call from Keith Jackson wasn't an issue - he was just stating the obvious.

And, while I may be decade older, I was, like there man, for each and every one of Howard's home games, and the domination at MSU.  The "catch" against ND that year is one of the most incredible sports moments I have ever seen.  


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I remember this... I was in college at a fraternity formal with my soon to be girlfriend....years later she and I still keep in touch though she is married with two kids and im still dating 20 something year olds...but I digress...

Desmond had such great character and class.  Its going to be hard to watch this Saturday's presentation, in light of the probably winner and the ongoing rape scandal... and the probable runner up, last years winner...who has had a pretty egocentric and selfish past year in the media. 

Leslie Visser was hot.  OJ was the man.  Student athletes were still student athletes.  Times have changed.


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until the White Bronco chase moment and everything that led to that.

I was at the 1991 Ohio game with a co-worker who was an OSU student. As a nice guy, sold him the extra ticket I had and sat next to him. Only charged face value.

We got to watch Desmond's punt return all the way down the sideline, sitting in the South EZ as he caught it in the North EZ and took off down the sideline right at us. The Heisman pose was priceless!

The OSU student was so pissed that Cooper had gotten an extension the week before the 1991 game but he loved the rivalry with UM and had utmost respect for the history between two teams.



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Thanks so much for that YT video of the 1991 CFB award ceremonies (the second one) -- I was in attendance! I somehow used my HS newspaper sports editor position to get press credentials. Seriously. It worked.

The location of the 1991 awards show was the former location of the College Football Hall of Fame, in Mason, Ohio (close to Kings Island), which later moved to South Bend, and I believe now is located somewhere else now...

I have very fond memories of that day, still. And I still have a copy of my HS newspaper where my article about this show appeared.

Memories include:

  • Meeting Desmond Howard (and getting his autograph on an SI cover), Ty Detmer, Steve Emtman, Terrell Buckley...and I think Casey Weldon, too...
  • Sitting right behind (and getting to talk to, and getting the autograph of) Johnny Unitas. They actually showed him at the very beginning, but the angle didn't let you see behind him. I'll have to watch the video closely in its entirety to see if I'm anywhere in there.
  • Bumping into Brent Musberger. Literally. Or, rather, him bumping directly into me, not watching where he was going at all, and me doing my best, and failing completely, to avoid him.

So...thanks for bringing back the memories. I'm tempted to dig out that newspaper article now.


Team 101

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By the end of the season it was a foregone conclusion that Desmond would win the Heisman.  When the season started no one would have had a clue.  I think he scored a touchdown in every game - if not every game, it had to have been close to every game.  The trophy presentation ceremony was only a coronation.


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When you really get down to it, that was the Golden Era.  Five Rose Bowls in seven years from 1986-1992, Michigan won two, and you had the pater-fucking-familias alive and well. 


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Thanks for posting.  Always great to see the online repository of Michigan moments expanded. 

Haven't been able to find video of what was I believe the 1995 Michigan-Purdue football game, which I believe ended with Michigan winning 5-0.  Was at that game and recall that it was the worst weather I've ever experienced at a game in Ann Arbor.  Would love to see a video of that to compare it to my memories of the event.