1986 Fiesta Bowl: Michigan Offense vs. Nebraska Every Snap (2nd Half)

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So here it is, the highlight of my 6th grade winter vacation. Michigan recovered two fumbles and blocked a punt to set up three scores and spark an improbable 3rd quarter comeback. Jamie Morris (22 carries, 156 yards) and Mark Messner were named co-MVPs. Michigan was voted #2 in both final polls, Schembechler's highest finish in his career. It was almost enough to make me forget the 2 point loss at then #1 Iowa on a last second field goal that knocked Michigan out of MNC contention.



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Talk about a tale of 2 halves.

Coach Mo and the staff designed a special defense which included a 3rd inside LB (Andre McIntyre #54).  But right away, it was apparent Nebraska changed things up on us and the defense we spent all our bowl practices on was now irrelevant.  So, at half-time, we scrapped the whole idea and went back to our regular, base defense.  That adjustment, along with our offensive line, led by #67 John Vitale (R.I.P), changed the momentum of the game and led to a great comeback win.

Another thing I remember was how beautiful the venue was.  The skies were a perfect blue without a single cloud, and the stadium was cool with camelback mountain cresting over the top ridge of the upper deck.

The whole game and pre-game festivities were outstanding.  Very well organized and fun.  Great memories.


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This was a big season for the program. People forget that there was talk among media know nothings that Bo and the program were slipping after the 84 season.  Harbaugh was hurt for most of the year and they lost in the Holiday Bowl to BYU and had 6 losses. 

Bo showed them. A number 2 national finish in 86, and Big Ten Titles in 88 (also won the Rose Bowl) and 89.  He also showed his adaptability by his use of Elvis Grbac. He was the first in a long line of prototype NFL drop back passers that dominated the QB position at Michigan for the next 15 years or so.


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I think it's interesting how important that made extra point on the last TD became. I am not a big fan of going for 2 based on score board figuring any time but the very end of the game and this is a good example why. You never know how things will work out so you should take the nearly guaranteed point after.

Bo went for 2 but that got erased by the penalty and then took the one point and it allowed Michigan to take that critical safety at the end of the game.


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Also, that reverse pass with #84 was initially very cringe-worthy. I was like, GUH, why did they do a reverse to the slowest WR in the history of the Earth?