1980 Michigan vs. Michigan st.

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Classic Michigan vs state. John Wangler threw 2 td passes one to the original #1 Anthony Carter. Ali Haji-Sheikh kicked a field goal but a roughing the kicker penalty kept the drive alive. 3 plays later Wangler threw a pass to Carter for the td. Butch Woolfolk rushed for 135 yards and we won the game with a late int to seal the victory. GO BLUE!!! BEAT STATE!!




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in High School!  But I remember the game.  If I recall '79 was the first season that the NCAA started to let local channels cover the games. There use to be a 3 game network limit for all teams. The years before local coverage, we had to listen to most of the games on the radio!


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for me, playing hockey and starting the college life.  we didn't think msu was that big of a deal back then, just another game. 

as an aside, the 'maize' color on the helmets combined with the blue face masks make those my favorites.  the hockey team?  well back then we just had all white helmets, or all blue....


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Having watched this game on video, I had thought Craig Dunaway caught one of the TD passes, but I could be wrong. Either way, in addition to Woolfolk, I think Stanley Edwards made a nice contribution to the rushing game as well with nearly 100 yards of his own. MSU threw two picks in this game too, as I recall. 


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I love how the helmets back then appeared to have been base painted in maize with the blue over top so when the "battle scars" started accruing it revealed maize scratches underneath.  

I remember as a kid thinking thaty you could guage how "tough" the other team was by how much maize they were able to reveal under the blue by the end of the game.  To my kid brain, that was how you measured the worthiness of your foe.


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The pass to Craig Dunaway that set up a TD. In the movie, they edited in a different shot of a ref calling clipping to make it look like that play was called back. Then Jeff Goldblum's character throws his popcorn at the TV screen and says, "Come on, blue. You're not supposed to fold until the 4th quarter." And then another guy responds, "Leave Bo alone. He's got enough to worry about."

In an interview about that movie, the director says the original ending had a flashback scene to the group of friends when they were students at U of M, I think it involved Thanksgiving. The scene was shot but eventually cut and it wasn't added to the bonus features on the DVD.


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This easily could have/should have been Bo's NC. Two loses, one to ND on a last second 51 yd FG into the wind after Wangler led M to the go ahead score with 41 seconds left. Then the 17-14 loss to South Carolina with Heisman winner Geroge Rodgers. Bo blamed himself for this loss as he went for a fake punt on 4 and 1 from our own 30 and that set up SC's winning score. There was also a goal line fumble as we were about to go up 21-3. Bo eschewed the tying FG at the end of the game and went for the TD. The pass went off AC's finger tips.

Still, great year, great team!


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It was a great way to close out my time as a student.  Bo got his first Rose Bowl victory that season.  I think our tickets were around row 25 near the 40 yard line.  Those were the days...