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12-10 them that year. i remember my dads answer to the pain was to say over and over to anyone within ears shot "If you can't beat a Wolverine,kick it to death". Worked  for me. Bucks came in at #2 preseason so......
Seems strange thought that i remember it as the last time I slept prior to, Opening game, N.D, M.S.U, P.S.U, WSC and of course ......osu
The little misses says I'm  immature and doesn't understand  the release that comes with "talking  to the television".  So what if no "solid"plans can be made on Saturdays.
My perfect scenario is me a big screen(not) and comfortable chair. foFor now the 30something" screen and a few(does he really act like that) friends and my dogs will do juuuust fine.
To all of my "Brothers in Arms" out there I hope your dreams are in MAIZE&BLUE and I hope/know you'll enjoy tomorrow as much as I will.
To this blog I thank you. you guys are damn good.....and you know it. I like that.
no predictions or calling of heads, just  happy it's finally here. Tomorrow tells us alot, a win,in a huuuge manner would be sweet. The Irish will be the litmus test for me.
I drank the kool aid looooong ago so I believe in both coach and system.I think the last week galvanized an already cohesive team with a viable or 2 option at QB.
40 years and I couldn't be more excited. Hope y'all feel the same. something special is about to happen.

"by the pricking of my thumbs ,something wicked this way comes".......W.S

                                                      go blue.........goblue



September 5th, 2009 at 6:22 AM ^

its 3:44 in las vegas and I can't sleep in anticipation of a rebirth.13-0 is my goal most years and coming off 3-9 with the addition of t force and drob or 'shoelace' I have higher hopes than any year since 1999.13-0...can the maize and blue do it? I say "why the hell not!!"

Blue boy johnson

September 5th, 2009 at 8:10 AM ^

If this was 1974, we would get a bunch of kids together go to the park and play some football. There were only 2 offenses to run in my opinion, the Wishbone and the Option. I always wanted to run the option, the best position was tailback, and in 1974 that would be Gordon Bell!!! I should mention Rob Lytle was a close close 2nd.