1972 Rose Bowl Player Intros

Submitted by Dr. Sap on July 23rd, 2016 at 7:27 AM
Back in the day, when you got to the Rose Bowl, the player introductions were pre-recorded segments instead of the live, on-the-field intros that were part of the broadcast back then. This one was filmed on campus. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=utt1rhA0o7o For more Player Intros, check out this Playlist I have created: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpyL5qz2h8xJ8lDWjozLpLClgDf50HLZj Enjoy & GO BLUE!


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Too bad we lost the game :/

I can't start another thread but did anyone see OSU got Chase Young aka another high 4/5 star depending on which site you look at? God their class is loaded


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Had just ended my first tour of duty in Vietnam. I remember watching if while in Chicago visiting my father. I've often wondered about that fake punt and if it had not succeeded whether Bo winning a NC that early in his career would have removed the monkey and given him a few more. 

Damn, he got close so many times, but here would be that inevitable stumble to a Purdue or some lesser school and if we did get through unscathed, we'd lay an egg in the bowl game. That victory over Stanford might have made a world of difference. Not certain if it were that year of the one after he had his heart attack, but things didn't go well, obviously, for him in that regard. 

Regardless, still the one that got us back on our feet and, ultimately, gave us Harbaugh, who has so much of the General in him. He'll piss people off just as quickly as Bo did, but always for the same reason, to make Michigan the premier program in the U.S. It's my guess, with Jim's endless network - those LOIs coming in from CA and FL last season initial proof - he will probably take us further than we've ever been. 


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Great post, and thank you for your service, but there was no NC on the line in that game.  Yes, Michigan would have had an undefeated season if they had won that game, but there is no way they would have received any consideration for a national championship.

Michigan's schedule was historically weak (they would have had 0 wins against the top 15 even with a Rose Bowl win).  On top of that, Nebraska was one of the most dominant teams in recent memory that season, and would have had wins against the next 3 highest rated teams (Oklahoma, Alabama, Colorado)--2 of them by 21+ points.  Win or lose in the Rose Bowl, Nebraska would have been a unanimous (or at least near-unanimous) pick in both polls, and deservedly so.


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NE had a tie and a loss. The undefeateds, I believe, lost on Bowl Day, and UM would have been the only school in the top 4 to finish with a win on the final day of the season. Not sure. Has been a few years. As they say, piss in the sewer now. 


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The season that ended on January 1, 1972?  The season that Michigan was 11-0 heading into the Rose Bowl and lost to Stanford?

Nebraska was undefeated and dominant all season:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1971_Nebraska_Cornhuskers_football_team

The AP poll heading into the bowls:

1 Nebraska 12-0 (48)
2 Alabama 11-0 (4)
3 Oklahoma 10-1
4 Michigan 11-0 (3)
5 Auburn 9-1
6 Georgia 10-1
7 Colorado 9-2
8 Arizona State 10-1
9 Tennessee 9-2
10 Penn State 10-1

#1 Nebraska played #2 Alabama in the Orange Bowl, and beat them 38-6 to cap off a perfect 13-0 season.  The final poll had Oklahoma #2, Colorado #3 and Alabama #4, and Nebraska beat them all.  Michigan might have ended up #3 with a Rose Bowl win, but certainly not #1 or #2.


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Don't worry. If we would have had money on it, I would have been more careful. Must have been getting close to the Osbourne years. I looked it up, and you're right. They clubbed fucked Bama in the Bowl game. 

I used to ride to work with a court security officer who graduated from the Heights. He hated Bo and I knew why. I don't think he could have gotten into Washtenaw Community, let alone UM but he played with my brother-in-law, who was recruited by Bennie and coached by Bump. Actually, lots of players from the Heights in the late 50s were taken by schools all over. Lots of them to Wyoming, NE and places w/o too many academic concerns. My bro-in-law said they'd beat everyone until they got to Bay City Central. Don't know anything about those schoools back then, but I imagine Bay City Central sent some young men to the Big X. 

And another thing about those times. When the Heights beat Catholic - Muskegon had three schools then, all big, MCC, Big Reds and Heights - my bro-in-law's father came up to him and said, "Congratulations, you just made 10,000." That was the cost of a year at UM. Times have changed a little. They've gone from a guy - Bennie-who wouldn't leave AA to Jim, a man who is hard to get to stay home. 


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I was in a comparative econ class with the late Tom Slade.  Good as he was, the next year he gave up the starting role to Denny Franklin.  I saw Tom Darden's over-the-receiver's shoulder interception to seal the win against OSU in '71.  I was in line at the register in the Corner Market (at South University and Washtenaw), now long gone.  I finished paying and turned around to look right into Paul Seymour's belt bucklet (or so it seemed;  I'm 6'0", so that would've made him 8 feet tall, at least).  He looked very unhappy.  Perhaps he disapproved of my long hair.  Unfortunately, Billy Taylor did time for armed robbery, but to his everlasting credit he straighetned out his life and ended up getting a doctorate in educational leadership and founding a substance abuse program.