1964 -- Now that was a season!

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In responding to a post over the weekend, I had occasion to check on some of the Michigan seasons during the 1960s.  I had forgotten how close that team came to a National Championship.  It went 10-1 including a rout of Oregon State in the Rose Bowl.  It's only loss came against a Bob Griese-led Purdue team, 21-20.   Michigan had a chance to win, but quarterback Bob Timberlake was stopped on a 2-point conversion attempt.   In five of the games, Michigan gave up 7 or less points and it finished the regular season by beating OSU, 10-0, in Columbus.   A salute to the 64 Wolverines and a prayer for a return to that level of success soon!



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Dear Jebus,

Please have someone post something interesting and meaningful soon. My Monday is boring and I'm still in a major slough of despond about the hideous loss this weekend, and I keep looking at mgoblog and finding only straw.



Bando Calrissian

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If you want to read a great book about the '64 season, and get a feel for what the Bump Elliott program was truly like , read Tom Hemingway's Life Among the Wolverines.  It's fantastic.

As for that Purdue loss, I like to think Ole' Bob made it up to us by sending us his only-begotten son...