15% of Clemson's Football Team Tests Positive for PED's

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Came across this headline this afternoon, sure to warm you up even more than great slow cooker recipes.  I have ad blocker so reading the entire article is tough, but the gist of the article is as the headline states, 15% of the team tested positive for PED's. 

Link to article here: https://www.postandcourier.com/columnists/clemson-s-drug-probe-doesn-t-include-testing-all-football/article_6615cdf8-219d-11e9-9663-cfd49594d1b2.html

No wonder Clemson is doing so well?  #PED's are worth it? 

Sad if true, but I guess its not surprising.




Blue in Paradise

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You live in a theoretical world where everything is black and white.  This is not how it works in the real world, where things are much more fluid and nuanced...

Basically, folks across the sports spectrum are constantly trying to figure out ways around the existing rules.  Some clearly cross the line like masking agents and other methods of cheating the actual test results. 

Others are right at the line with new "ingredient mixes" that are not technically banned substances (at least not yet) despite having similar properties to currently banned substances.  Think of an artist ripping off content from an old song.  How much do you have to change it before it is considered new content?  Your response would be that music is either plagiarized or not; and yet many highly technical court cases have been waged on this very topic.

Others find "advantages" by misusing legal substances such as asthma inhalers or even your own blood (blood doping).


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This thread is about Clemson getting caught and the various sport drug testing programs all have a clear line in the sand. Programs can't tiptoe that line; you're either giving and/or encouraging a banned substance or you are not. 

The ethics of the broader sports performance/substance world are obviously much murkier. 

Bo Glue

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It's getting harder and harder to care about college football. When I was growing up, it seemed more exciting because the players were more driven by passion than money. But that's been waning and everyone plays by a different set of rules. So the system just rewards those who are most morally lax.


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Mark Messner.   Great article.  I remember when Messner was drafted by the LA Rams.  They were going to turn him into a linebacker because he was too small to play on the line at 6'3" 225.   


It's insane that we had a star D lineman who was 225-235 just 30 odd years ago.   I guess he was an end, but still. 


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While you're right that people were cheating before, things are still different. 

Now the cheating is blatant and teams still get away with it. Many more of the players don't play for anyone but themselves now. Is it their right? Of course...but is it right? I mean...it definitely takes the charm away from the whole thing. 

I too, have lost a lot of love for the sport. It's all about money now. Way too many fuckin ads and the games take SO LONG. 


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Just like paying recruits and cheating in recruiting, if you don't think some Michigan players are taking PED's I've got some bad news for you. Its not about who is doing it, its about who gets caught.


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Its 100% systematic at every p5 school. You think guys are just putting on 15-20 pounds of muscle over spring and summer practices because they are eating healthy? 

The NCAA doesn't test for PED's on a regular basis, its internal school testing and schools get to set their own policies in terms of punisment. Players hear about "random" tests weeks in advance and they never test in the summer when most of the guys are bulking and then they will go clean for a lot of the season. Shit tons of high schoolers are juicing. Its just part of the sport. Since everyone does it nobody is getting the benefit of it.


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My friend look up the definition of anabolic, also there is a big difference in lifting at your local YMCA or under the instruction of a high school coach who is a history teacher by day and an advanced program which is developed and overseen by a dedicated training profesional.  I’m sure you can recognize the difference.


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 Yeah, I gotta agree with this. Both high schools I attended had shit weight rooms that 1/3 of the team spent 2-3 hours a week in, mostly bullshitting and seeing who could bench the most. 

Some of the guys were juicing though...mostly orals; DBol. 

Edit: These rooms were completely unsupervised and void of any kind of coach, let alone a legit S&C coach.


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 You think guys are just putting on 15-20 pounds of muscle over spring and summer practices because they are eating healthy? 

LOL yes. I put on 30 pounds of muscle in two months freshman year from working out and eating food. I've never even seen physical steroids in person in my life, let alone considered taking them.

Does it mean everybody is adding muscle organically? No. However, suggesting that putting on 15-20 pounds of muscle in a couple months is impossible without supplements shows a severe ignorance of modern strength training and athletic nutrition.