#14 Michigan Wrestling beats #11 Rutgers, 19-13

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The only sport Rutgers is actually good at. The only time this athletic season where they will come into a meeting against Michigan in any sport and be the favorite.

And they still lost.

#14 Michigan hosted #11 Rutgers tonight at Cliff Keen Arena tonight for the first time ever. 

Michigan clinched the win at 197, putting it out of reach for Rutgers. But it was also decided when 2 of Michigan's defeated grapplers did not allow bonus points to ranked Rutgers wrestlers.

Rutgers has 3 ranked wrestlers, and all 3 of them were going up against unranked Michigan wrestlers that were either very young or filling in for injured starters. 2 of 3 Michigan grapplers prevented Rutgers from taking bonus points.

Michigan's Sal Profaci held off the #6 ranked man at 141lbs and Aaron Calderon held off the #13 ranked 184lb wrestler from getting bonus points. That wound up being a deciding factor in the dual.

The results-

Class Result
125 #10 Conor Youtsey (U-M) def. Paetzell (RU), 5-1
133 #7 Stevan Micic (U-M) def. Delvecchio (RU), 10-3
141 #6 Ashnault (RU) def. Sal Profacci (U-M), 7-3
149 #14 Theobald (RU) def. Malik Amine (U-M), 11-0 major dec.
157 #12 Brian Murphy (U-M) def. Van Brill (RU), 5-1
165 #2 Logan Massa (U-M) def. Painton (RU), 19-6 major dec.
174 #9 Myles Amine (U-M) def. Pagano (RU), 5-2
184 #13 Gravina (RU) def. Aaron Calderon (U-M), 10-3
197 Jackson Striggow (U-M) def. Correnti (RU), 5-1
Hwt Gross (RU) def. Dan Perry (U-M), 7-4

Michigan is now 5-4 and 2-4 in the B1G and will get tomorrow off before facing #10 Lehigh on Sunday at home. 



January 29th, 2017 at 12:45 AM ^

border-line NCAA tourney team in 2016 --- they return basically everyone.  

Unfortunately for them, just last week they lost  a preseason All-American to a season-ending injury.