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May 24th, 2012 at 8:20 AM ^

“Our whole thing is if we have 10 (violations), I’d have a problem. I mean, I really would, because people are going to make mistakes. And that means if I only have 10 out of 350 employees (and) 1,000 athletes — something’s not right.”

Dammit people, you aren't making enough mistakes!  Gee and Smith, leaders by example.


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It would be appropriate if at least one of the violations turned out to be major, and they told us in July. That way, we could have "Christmas in July" to go with all of the sales promotions of the same name.  One can always hope.  


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What if there is a major violation or two in there, and Smith is trying to get it in before the NCAA's "tougher punishments" go into effect?  It would definitely be a case of "mixed emotions."


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The most shocking piece of the article isn't that OSU clearly has no intention of aiming for violation-free existence for their athletic's that they have a synchronized swimming team!!?!

What was their violation, selling noseplugs for tattoos?


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Lantern: Smith "doesn’t know if they will be deemed primary or secondary violations."

Translation: The violations are so egregious that there is not a shred of doubt about them being primary.

Reporters, let's get those FOIA requests ready to go....


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This may not be a violation, but apparently, OSU is planning on handing out iPads to all of its student athletes. Legal? Yes, but quite an upgrade from tattoos, don't you think?


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Different schools have different needs when they hire an AD. Sometimes you need somebody who can build up your facilities; sometimes you need somebody with CEO-level business experience...and some schools need the skill set of a Gene Smith.


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“Division I athletics is a highly regulated environment with a self-reporting requirement,” Hawley said in the email. “When it is clear that a violation has occurred, we expect our institutions to report the violation. Ohio State has a well-established practice of operating in this way.”  --Big Ten associate commissioner for compliance, Chad Hawley,



Not even 12 months removed from Tressel gate and this is the Big Ten's take.  Good God man.


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The MGoBlog community spent last all last summer speculating/hoping for OSU to get hammered. Result - not even a slap on the wrist. This isn't even newsworthy.