11/26/13: the day that MGOEMO cratered.

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 26th, 2013 at 4:21 PM

I've been here over five years, which includes the depths of Michigan Football in '08, and as an alum, for the Horror and other sad occurences, but I'm thinking today may be the day that is the most Emo of all on this blog. Brian's post(s), the Peppers visits, the Hoke/Borges comments, the anticipated defeat/humiliation Saturday, have combined to put the emosity meter at somewhere between the Goth kids on South Park, Meat is Murder era Smiths, Debbie Downer from SNL, and that teenage girl who screams "I hate you," after Mom washes her jeans.

"Oh no," you might say, "after Saturday it will be even worse", and I will disagree. Saturday we expect to happen, and really there is no deflating scenario possible that we have not already imagined to ourselves.  But today? Today we hate everything, love nothing, and fear all things. We make plans for future Saturdays without Michigan Football, we debate the meaning of "fair weather fan" (J'accuse!), and we cast our envious eyes toward our rivals future this season. 

But boys, I'm calling the stock market bottom today. I'm making the decision that it's up from here, if too slowly for our pleasure, and with many false starts. I'm not falling for the "it will always be like this" mentality by God, sure times are tough, and sure, many of us are pussies, but Goddamn it, we can imagine being men right? Imagining is the first step to believing, which is the next step to accomplishing, which is the next step to... something, something tough and manly. So let's stop sniffling in the corner, hold our heads up, and march out the auditorium, because, as we know, it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and we're a good OC away from rising up. We can do it, who is with me?


Ok, I'll see you at the bowling alley Saturday.



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if i were king for a day mgoblog memebership could be obtained only by passing a test.  and on that test would be animal house, fergodsakes.  you're the 400th person who wrote "ah, duh, the germans didn't bomb pearl harbor."


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I remember when I was young(er), the old people would make popular culture references and I'd be like huh?  And back then, well at least for part of it, there was no interent to look up said references.  Reading this exchange I realize I am now part of the old people.

Off to go watch Porky's Revenge and Police Academy 2....

Feat of Clay

November 26th, 2013 at 5:23 PM ^

You know, I was in general agreement with the OP.

Until this.  

THIS, dear reader, this is the low point of MGoBlog.  First all this emo BS on the front page, and THEN, THEN I find that one of our esteemed readership does not know one of the finest lines in the American comedy film canon.

Luckily, unlike the mental breakdown happening amongst the MGBlogosphere, I am assured that this particularly failing can be corrected.  Easily and dare I say pleasurably.  All you have to do is watch the movie.  You might wish to have it on hand for watching right after the game; the laughs might be needed.


November 26th, 2013 at 5:43 PM ^

I am going to say this with my mod cap on and a degree of general snark - every other thread this week has made me see the monks from The Holy Grail basically. Quite a few people beating themselves over the head and chanting laments walking about lately. It is rather depressing. 


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So thisis S&P 666 in March 2009?  Now we just need Obama to say I am bullish UM football as he said he was bullish on stocks at the exact bottom ;)

no joke its hoke

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the most emo thing I've seen is Hoke and RR have the same record over the last 3 years. oh but RR is 3-6 vs top 25 teams and Hoke is 1-5. I never thought I would laugh at Michigan but after the last 7 years that's all you can do.


November 27th, 2013 at 9:56 AM ^

For years one of the stats routinely trotted out during Michigan games was Carr's amazing record against highly-ranked teams.

It was pointed out here many times that that stat had been padded by early-season wins against teams, mostly Notre Dame, that didn't live up to their early hype. We even had a front page post--I'm pretty sure it was Brian's--arguing that the right way to look at it was to use end-of-season rankings. And doing so.

Now somebody suggests the same and is told that's just "not the way it works." Because...well, it's pretty obvious isn't it?