11 Warriors on Shea Patterson

Submitted by Caesar on May 22nd, 2018 at 4:53 AM

Interesting, well-written stuff (link), though I look forward to more of Brian's analysis. 

To summarize, Patterson's last Ole Miss OC relied on receivers winning 1-on-1 matchups against teams with less talent and quick throws/RPOs against the 'Bama/LSUs of college football. Importantly, however, that offense did not require him to make a 'read' in the traditional sense of the word. He isn't looking at a linebacker stance as much as he's trusting his receivers to get open after they make route adjustments based on the coverages. In this context, Patterson is praised for his ability to drop the ball in a bucket and knowing where that bucket needs to go. He definitely has great tools.

The negatives start with Patterson getting spooked after LSU/'Bama DLs aged his body by a few years. Patterson's throwing mechanics (which apparently need work to begin with) are entirely abandoned and get further out-of-sync. This even showed up against Cal. Also, the author asserts that Michigan runs a ball-control offense that relies much more on precision and reads than did the Ole Miss offense. If Patterson's INT rate persists, it will be unnacceptable in this different schematic context.

Questions. I'd really appreciate it if any knowledgeable commenters can get into the weeds about his throwing motion, comparing the Ole Miss offense to Michigan, and some ideas on the probable transition cost.

Edit: Welcome back UMBig11! I hope all is well with your family, and we look forward to your insights whenever things clear up for you. 



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Surprised Eleven Warriors actually wrote an article with any substance or actual analysis. Usually they're just fluff pieces! *slow clap*


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I actually found their article on "the science of pooping in a cooler" very informative and full of analysis - especially as they went into depth on different ways to hunker down over the cooler, what angle to take, how to gain some sort of privacy, etc....


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I’d been suffering from constipation as a result of my steady diet of Hungry Man dinners and Natty Light. After Eleven Warriors put some science behind proper cooler pooping techniques, I stopped busting blood vessels in my face and started busting out some healthy nug-nugs.


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If this is true...

Our coaches need to mold their game planning around our QB’s greatest assets. I don’t care how complicated our offense is...if we have major talent at QB (and all over the field for that matter) and the coaches can’t dumb it down or game plan to amplify those talents...then we have a coaching problem.

I have faith and truly believe we turn the corner as a program this year in overall quality. It may be hard to tell with this brutal schedule, but the depth is now here (except for at tackle maybe) and the off season changes made at Oline (coach) have got to help push us over the mediocrity zone....


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From everything I've read, Shea sounds a lot like how I think of McSorley. Mobility and the ability to throw up a good 50/50 ball to WRs. But how many times over the last 2 years have we asked for that? We have good WRs, sometimes you just gotta put in up near them and let them make a play.

If Shea can "put it in a bucket", a 50/50 ball becomes a 75/25 ball, and then hopefully the athleticism of our WRs makes it a 90/10. Although if that becomes a big part of our offense, we should have our WRs practice defending balls too. Great WRs know when to give up on trying for a completion, and focus on avoiding the interception.

Watching From Afar

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We've seen Harbaugh do it before. Smith and Kaep were very different QBs with different strengths. When Kaep came in they ran a lot more zone read and had simple throws for him to just rear back and let it rip.

With Smith it was a lot of short routes with reads and the occasional go route on the outside.

I don't think Harbaugh and Co. will try to fit a square peg into a round hole. They tried to give JOK opportunities to make plays given his skill set (he wasn't capable though) like going out of the shotgun and making quick throws, and I would think they do some of that again.


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Harbaugh revamped his entire offense to fit Kaepernick's atheletic ability and rode him to the Super Bowl. I think that's the plan here revamp the Michigan Offense and ride Patterson to the CFP/

Hail Harbo

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Harbaugh also had many more than 20 hours per week of practice, OTAs, mini-camps, and four pre-season games to essentially create two different offenses.  When Urban Meyer reached down to his third string QB to win the national championship, he didn't also reach into his bag of tricks for the third version of the OSU offense.


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Wasn't there some static out there after the CFB season that JH was studying the Philadelphia Eagles offense? If that was anything more than pure crap, it might be an indication that Michigan was planning even at that point to generate an offense more tailored to a guy like Patterson.

Mineral King

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Harbaugh and others on the staff have studied the Eagles offense as well as several other teams to try and gain an edge. Extra time in this area is being put in.

Our offense will not look the same as last year. It will be tailored to Shea's style.

Also, I know some are skeptical about how good Shea is.... believe me you are going to be shocked at how good we are and alot of that will be because of Shea. This dude can flatout play.


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The offense will look no different in terms of the type of offense run. Jim Harbaugh has an offense that he believes in and that is what we have seen for 3 years. I don't see him changing that. You will still get 6 OL, fullback galore, and multiple TE sets(My least favorite). Michigan ran RPO's last year so that won't be anything new. 


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maybe you could give some details on where you get what you get, simple stuff like 'i know a coach' or 'there is a player on the team whose parents are friends of my family', something along those line where you aren't giving any names away.  

otherwise people will think you are the counter-strike guy and not believe you.  if you have legit info, you should be believed.  


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Deciding if corundum, 1984 and MK are the same person. When ever MK is outed as the troll he is, corundum defends or explains MKs position. MK may be a fan, hard to determine, but he puts on as if he has insider info and he does not. Lastly, when he gets outed, he puts on the " who me" act and pretends that he hasn't gone to name calling multiple times.

But i wouldn't be surprised if this is Shea's younger brother or cousin. Maturity is lacking so I hope note a fully developed frontal lobe.



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They are very good at verifying whether people are in the know or not without spoiling who or what the source is.

Many posters on this site have been vetted through this way without spoiling who they are.  I know UMBIG11 some sort of connection, but I have no idea how he gets his information. 

You're account did come off as a sparty troll insider account trying to build up points/ karma through the Shae will play stuff.  Verifying through mgoblog your sources would be the best route. 


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I’m not sure how anyone can say he’s an upgrade over what we had last year.. Honestly at this point we don’t know anything, the offense he ran at Ole Miss is far more simple than what we ran last year.. If the Oline/ WR play is not better than last year he won’t fair much better .


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You are exactly correct. I think Shea is a huge talent but our tackle situation on the OL is a huge issue. JBB moving over to LT should scare anyone about the chances of this OL. Pleae spare me Runyan being any good either. Guy got abused in the bowl game. 


I do think the WR will be better. I just wish we had a 4.5 slot guy to get the ball to on screens.