10 year scoring trend vs MSU (from r/cfb)

Submitted by orobs on November 2nd, 2013 at 7:08 PM

2004 - 45 points (UM win)

2005 - 34 points (UM win)

2006 - 31 points (UM win)

2007 - 28 points (UM win)

2008 - 21 points (MSU win)

2009 - 20 points (MSU win)

2010 - 17 points (MSU win)

2011 - 14 points (MSU win)

2012 - 12 points (UM win)

2013 - 6 points (MSU win)





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Carr was 6-7 against OSU, and OSU was ranked in the top 10 (if not top 5) nearly every year he faced them.  That record doesn't look so bad right now.  

Carr was a very good coach who missed being a truly elite coach because of his reluctance to break tendencies and take more risks.  In the 2008 Capital One Bowl he finally did, and it was fantastic - and looking back it was a shame he didn't have that epiphany earlier.  But even with his conservatism, he was very good overall.

What is galling about today is that Dantonio has essentially followed the Carr blueprint to a T in building his program.



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You're making it sound worse than it was.  Carr didn't lose six years in a row.  It was four in a row (2004-07) - and the fourth year, Henne and Hart were badly injured but insisted on suiting up.  If they had been healthy it's a very different game.  

Anyway, OSU's 2006 and 2007 teams that beat us went on to play for the national title.  That's pretty different from Cooper's remarkable tendency of losing to Michigan teams than were 7-3 or 6-4 beforehand.






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So MSU got better after our old coach stopped recruiting and our new coach led us into the worst three year slump in school history before our current coach pulled a literal 180 scheme change and has us still running a hybrid franken offense compiled from terrible plays? HUH, imagine that.


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You did explicitly just say our downfall in the series started with Lloyd Carr. It's not a reading comprehension issue when someone just sarcastically regurgitates what you just said...

Yeah, yeah, I know said other things as well, but whatever. I acknowledge a lot of our issues have been caused by the deficiencies of these past two regimes, but I don't think our problem in this rivalry is mostly based on our own sideline; I think it's what is on MSU's sideline. Dantonio and Narduzzi may not know how to win their other big games, but they know how to beat Michigan, plain and simple. Although we and Sparty fans forget this but a small hiccup in the series, MSU currently owns us. It's almost as if they've obsessively put all their know how into stopping us. If they ever decide to put that much effort towards their other opponents, they may actually soon win a B1G title one of these years.


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He cherry picked one of my reasons and not even the correct one, lol.

I'd say our current mess is maybe 1% on Carr, 80% Rich Rod Hates OL Recruitng, and 19% coaching (and blaming Carr is more out of possibly misguided spite than anything else).

I hoped that we would be getting more talent out of young OL, but honestly, that was in vain. History shows that anything less than a Junior OL will 95 times out of 100, result in PAIN. I think Funk gets fired early next year if there is no line improvement (which I don't think will happen but you never know). Borges is the wildcard here. If the offense struggles against Nebraska, Northwestern, and Ohio, then I don't see how he survives the offseason.

Bobby Boucher

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Holy Jumpin Jesus Jehosephat.  So, you mean to say that the less points we put up on the board the less likely we are to win rivalry games?  You are definitely onto something my friend!



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Came from Heiko's "counterpunt":

"The next time Michigan executes a proper constraint against an opponent that over-defends a base play will be the first time."


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As a CFB fan, MSU vs. OSU is a game I am really interesting in seeing.  

Fans tend to overemphasize offense, but MSU's D is real and they have a good shot.



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I'm with you. The best thing we can hope for here is for Sparty to beat Ohio, and get spanked in the Rose Bowl. Even better but unrealistic would be for us to beat Ohio and preserve out home streak and knock them from the BCS bowls. They'd probably still land in one the way we did in the Sugar because Urbz, but I could hope.


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Interesting stat from that line: RR offenses scored 58 points against sparty in 3 games, Borges offenses have scored 32 in 3. Home/away performances aside, it's almost a 2-1 difference.