#1 2015 Prospect - DE Jashon Cornell

Submitted by Glen Masons Hot Wife on August 29th, 2013 at 8:35 PM

Interesting article featured in ESPN about this kid.  Seems like a hard worker, with his head screwed on straight.

Mentions George Campbell and Damien Harris keeping up with him, hoping to sway him... Nice to hear

Sounds like Iowa has a shot with him, since they are the first to offer, and he is close with current player Broderick Binns.

Imagine what Mattison could do with him and Hand coming off opposite ends!!





August 29th, 2013 at 8:43 PM ^

Been talking a lot with Michigan commits supposedly. ND was the presumed leader but heard the other day that Michigan and osu were the front runners


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That ESPN is a pretty serious outlier on Cornell.  247 has him at 18, and Scout has him at 47.  The Michigan Rivals guys have said they don't think he's anywhere near the #1 player in the class either.  He's clearly a major talent, but doesn't sound like there's any reason to think he ends up #1. 


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Thousandth time I've said this, but seriously, commits recruiting other players is huge for us. I don't know if like a chart of who influenced who in each class but it's been awesome

And now, has it reached the pantheon of its existence? We have two 5* commits recruiting a 3rd 5*. Not sure it gets better than that. Maybe only if Hand commits and he and Jabrill go recruit Fournette...oh wait, that's already half happened


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because the initial word on Cornell was that he's favoring Notre Dame but Cornell himself said that's not true and the scuttlebutt since then would seem to suggest Michigan is tied or leading ND for his services at this point.

Even if he does go to ND, he'd just transfer out within a year anyway so he should save the trouble and just come here instead


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But, it's also one of the better schools around, both academically and athletically. A lot of kids go there for those reasons, not just the religiousness. Don't think ND will have sway just because of the catholic connection.


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I think once he visits and he gets his mom on campus and she meets Hoke,  I think he and his family will be sold on Michigan. That link Ace posted in Thursday Recruiting was pretty good regarding the type of kid Cornell is. I'd love to have a DL capable of blowing up bombs.