"1, 2, 3, Beat OHIO!"

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I haven't seen this posted anywhere else.  If I missed it, neg/sue me.  I think it is the best story that has come out of the NFTC weekend, but I have a feeling many people haven't heard it.  Sam Webb reported it on his recruiting roundup a couple days ago:

After the NFTC event ended on Saturday - after the Michigan crew tore apart the camp winning multiple honors - the Team 134 participants, decked in thier Michigan gear, went to midfield, in the heart of Columbus, and yelled "1, 2, 3, Beat OHIO!".

God, I love this recruiting class.  So much swagger, so much unity, so much Michigan love. 




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HOWEVA, this is a cool story. So I won't neg you.  These guys need to learn though that they're going to have targets on their backs the minute they set foot on campus if they keep swaggering about like this.  Not saying that's a bad thing, but they should be prepared.


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Yes, it could be.  No, it doesn't have to be, especially with little else crowding out the forum.  I think this story is interesting enough and of a different theme to warrent its own thread.  If you disagree, then I pity your soul.

Silly Goose

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If I remember correctly, I believe Will Hieninger mentioned that they had to shout "Beat Ohio" at the end of summer workouts after a set, or else they would have to do sprints. If I'm wrong, too bad.


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This is what is needed again for the best rivalry in sports. I love it! Let them put the target on their back...that much sweeter when we win!!

Wisconsin Wolverine

May 9th, 2012 at 12:07 AM ^

I actually like how the recruits are behaving because it's not 100% pure hatred - it actually seems more like a good-natured rivalry you'd see between siblings who are all too familiar with each other.  Neg me if I'm wrong, but I think there is something cool about the fact that Bo & Woody were actually not arch-enemies, but friends who were playing the game at the highest level to beat each other & claim glory.  I want to beat Ohio, & I want to continue living my life when Ohio beats us, & I want it to matter every time.


May 9th, 2012 at 1:59 AM ^

^^^^^^^^^ this, exactly.  I hadn't seen it worded like this, but it's very true and makes the renewed rivalry and the antics much more fun. 

I also like how, although they are still in high school, they have completely adopted the rivalry.  I think the way Michigan is recruiting and the type of kids they are recruiting is having a great influence.



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from these kids flat out tells meyer he is wasting his time going after M recruits. Not to mention they might actually have a hate for Ohio built in. I see Ohio recruits as having a dislike for Mich built in them for the most part and would not want them to decommit from Ohio to Michigan. Burrows can just stay right there in Ohio where he belongs. I do not mind though when they decommit and go elsewhere though even if it were in the Big 10.


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I love the 2012 recruiting class. 2013 is obviously going to be amazing when its said and done. My question is this: Did our down years humble team 133 and that is why we see so many great character guys? Denard, Molk, RVB, Hemmingway, Odoms, Fitz and Kovacs are just the top names that come to mind but the whole team was all Michigan first, Team first. Will success create guys like (these are both players I loved while they were here and still respect today) Braylon, Hart and Manningham? Braylon had his issues, I think he mostly knew he was better than everyone he faced. Hart talked more trash than any Michigan player I can remember, however, he did back it up and I never thought Manningham was a team first player at all. I think Hoke recruits guys that show good character but people are known to change between ages 17 to 22. Thoughts?


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I believe a lot of this will be toned down once this group are actually UofM students and in the confines of the program.  I believe they think they are doing the right thing by showing this exhuburance but they are acting like kids.  Too much, too soon.  I have concerns there could be a backlash not only of opponents (not a big deal) but perhaps with the kids on the actual team.  We would never know however.



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I hope this is the case. To be honest I think we are just spoiled with Denard. He has so much class for a guy who wants to win so badly. He lets his play do the talking and always defers credit to teammates. Same goes for every player on the team it seems, but not many are able to keep that demeanor while being in the national spotlight as much as Denard is.