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Submitted by A2Fan on October 31st, 2011 at 4:21 PM

During the Purdue game at some point apparently Michigan had to make a wholesale change to the foot gear being worn by many players. Who is the equipment Maven who can explain how many configurations are available to the team on the sidelines. Any details as to the pattern or shape or length of the cleats in question would be appreciated. Is there a difference between what is routinely worn between the Fieldhouse & the Big House. Finally, how is it that after being on the field for warm-ups we are not appropriately outfitted for a Home game ?



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The TV showed Denard seated on the sidelines hunched over doing something rather unusual, tying his shoes or so I thought. The cameraman caught this but the announcers per the usual hardly noticed but as I was also following the Live Blog here someone mentioned that the team was changing shoes. Prior to this there were several moments during the game where slippage was causing problems for us. Just an observation.


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My question is why can't we all wear the same jerseys?  Although I like the idea of the tigher fitting adidas jerseys, the numbers were distorting greatly in the games.  Seemed like most went back to the jerseys from last year which are a bit looser and do not have the block M above the name.  But Molk and Wolfolk (probably more) wore the tighter fitting ones with the block M on the back while most of their teammates wore the old ones.

Is it too much to ask for them to roll out the team all wearing the same jerseys?  Get it together adidas.


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Jon Falk is amazing and that is all you need to know. 

Also I would like to know the person who knows the details to the pattern, shape and length of the cleats.  If someone knows that there is no telling what else he knows. 


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Most of the time something like this would have to do with the length or type of cleats that the kids are wearing.

If the entire shoes were being replaced, they may have been going to molded cleats from screw in cleats (or vice versa).  I didn't see it so I don't want to speculate one way or the other.

Mr. Yost

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We haven't all wore the same uniforms since the 1st half of the N'Western game. I agree that with our Adidas contract and with Michigan supposed to be so exclusive...they need to do better. Especially for the away uniforms because they don't even have the same piping.

I feel like some petty assistant coach on the other team is going to point it out one game and throw our guys off or something because they have to change into something they aren't comfortable wearing. for the shoes. I still want to see what blue cleats with some maize lines on it would look like (similar to our new gloves that we wear)


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Dictate what shoes need to be worn. As the conditions change (rain) its common to go to a longer cleat to get more "grip"...although this will also slow you down a bit.


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I know atleast when I was in Highschool you could change between 1/2 - 3/4 inch cleats, obviously 3/4 were only worn during muddy/sloppy conditions, and they sucked when it was muddy/sloppy.  1/2 were usual every day play but they would wear down.  I think denard went to the longer cleat lengths because he was slipping here and there.  And it rained off and on during the game, and the fieldturf can get slippery when wet.


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Yes when teams still had astroturf, not so much now.  With the "new" field turfs, it's supposed to feel more like real grass.  That's why there's the rubber pellets underneath the cleats can kind of sink into the ground a little, like's it's real grass/dirt.  When it rains, just like with any surface, the field gets more slick so you would like to have more grab with the longer cleats.

NOLA Wolverine

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Adidas is just a train wreck. We're the "number one customer" and they can't even provide us with a good enough jersey for everyone to wear. Not to mention Legacy, hate on Nike all you want, but Legacy is the dumbest design and atleast Pro Combat uses cool materials. 

Hard Gay

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Most of the skill players are wearing the adiZero 5-stars:

Lightest cleat in football, but you'll notice the studs aren't as sharp or plentiful as traditional cleats.

At halftime, Denard switched to the Scorch X:

This boot isn't as light, but definitely provides more ankle support and traction.  Also, Denards shoes have the custom velcro attachment on them.  Perhaps his 5Stars broke and the only other velcro shoes he had were the Scorches.  Perhaps he needed more traction.  We may never know.  


November 1st, 2011 at 11:37 AM ^

We sit in the front row right behind the defensive bench and did not see ANY of the Michigan D change their spikes in the Purdue game.  I am guessing that TV caught Denard changing his, but I did not see any player on the defensive side of the ball do anything with their shoes, let alone "wholesale" changes.

We have seen the team where different "styles" of jerseys over the course of the year.  It almost looks like they have sewn on the addias logo on a couple of styles (wouldn't place a bet on that though).  I am all for letting the players choose their own "style" jersey if it gives them a competitive advantage.

Just my two cents...