'General threats' issued against MSU athletics

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Posting this here because even though the thread was made towards MSU athletics, the article does mention tomorrow's game. U-M officials are aware of the contents of a letter received by MSU. I don't think there's much other information out there right now. I know there's definitely some people living in the EL-area, so be safe.

The East Lansing and Michigan State University police departments have received letters making general threats against MSU athletic events. The letters do not provide specific information in regards to the event or manner of the threat.


The MSU football team is scheduled to play the University of Michigan on Saturday night in Ann Arbor. U-of-M officials are aware of the information disclosed by police about the threats, spokeswoman Diane Brown said in an email.




Oregon Wolverine

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I grew up in Inkster and drove past Eloise State Hospital -- for those of you too young to recall, a facility for those with serious disorders and deficits.  It's been long-since closed, pushing former patients into "community care" -- great idea until they fall off the table and become homeless and/or drug addicts, marginally surviving.

This has happened across the county, in my adopted state Oregon, too (24 years MI, 3 years CA, 24 years OR = I'm 51 yrs old), and our jails, like those around the country, have become drunk tanks and the largest mental health facilities the state supports.

Add to that access to the horribly effective weaponry available to anyone with few restrictions, and we have created a recipe for societal disfunction (I'm neither pro or anti 2d Am).  Our angry president only gives license to public displays and expressions of anger and vengence.    

I hope for all, Sparties, Wolverines, and even Bucks and Domers, these are rants with no intent to do harm, no intent to take action.  

We need more kindness in this world, more peace.  


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I have an MSU email account, and got the email from Lou Ann earlier today. Something weird is going on, for sure. Between the ADs joint statement, to extra precautions about parking only with tickets, to this. Thinking I am going to watch from Ann Arbor's west side tomorrow. Be safe out there all... 


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Azteca is only 87,000 capacity.

A lot of old stadiums used to have huge capacity, because they were all standing “seats”. Azteca has almost 120,000, Maracana in Rio now has a capacity of 79,000 but had almost 200,000 long ago.

Michigan Stadium is the 2nd largest non-racing stadium in the world, behind May Day Stadium in N. Korea.

Everyone Murders

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All it takes is one idiot with a keyboard to make a "general threat".  Hopefully it's just some loser trying to stir shit up because they are bored or whatever, without any real plan to act.

In the meantime, all going to this game or any game are well-served to be vigilant if you see anything suspicious.  100,000+ fans means 100,000+ extra pairs of eyes to help law enforcement.

Go to the game, have fun, but keep your eyes open.


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Until last year..the sight of the security there was sobering to me. Necessary, and that's why its sad..but as I walked in those thoughts are exactly what went through my beer soaked mind.

A great time and a great atmosphere--but being vigilant and aware is certainly needed.

Stay safe everyone.


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That makes me comfortable at large sporting events. 

Oklahoma hosted K-State back in 2005 --- that evening, a guy had a backpack bomb that blew up outside the stadium.  An explosion everyone inside the stadium heard, people 5 miles away heard it.   We got lucky there 12 year ago.  1 person dead instead of potentially many more.

But a lot of security/law enforcement guys definitely took notice after that.


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look above the press box there is an open air room where Ann Arbor police and Washtenaw swat sit with high powered binoculars watching the stands... on the corners of each tower there are 2 snipers with long range rifles... 2 cops sweep every floor of both towers every hour... the dogs are probably in the stadium right now doing their sweep and also main st and stadium are closed down during the entire game...


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It's Greece again. The actual Spartans, not the pretenders, want their brand back and the MSU mascot sacrificed on the Alter of Pythia, the oracle of rotten things.