'69 M - OSU game on BTN now.

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The.  Game.  The one essential game for every living Michigan Man.  It is the old ABC broadcast with the enormously classy and vastly underrated Bil Flemming (Michigan '49) doing the play-by-play, with a totally useless color guy (Lee Grosscup) assisting him.

I've never counted; but on that field there may have been a dozen guys, between both teams, that became All-Pro.



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I was not born till 1988 so i obviously never watched the game live.  The first time i watched it i was amazed with every aspect of the game.  However, i still find it hard to watch older games without the score box in the top or bottom.


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I was just about to post about the game. I've seen it before of course, but I notice something new each time.

Wow, offensive lineman were sure small back then. They all look like they could play QB today.

So much for protecting the quarterback. Moorhead was running all the time, and took some huge hits.

I didn't know that we had a touchdown called back due to a penalty right before the half.

At one of the commerical break interviews BTN does, Dan Dierdorf is on, and the info box at the bottom of the screen says "Offensive Lineman, 1968-70, 72). Wikipedia says he made his NFL debut in 71, so why does BTN say he played at Michigan in 72?

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I think.

As for Moorhead, it would be tempting to say that this was the performance of a lifetime.  But he was a really, really good Big Ten QB.  Never, ever forget -- when Bo came in as head coach, he inherited a loaded squad thanks to Bump Elliott.

The '69 game ball was brought into the locker room, and given to Bump, who had been kept on as an Associate Athletic Director (and thoroughly supportive of Bo) before going on to Iowa as their AD.  Bo and his '69 team knew the story.  Bo never had to try to succeed with a team led by Threets and Sheridans.


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I loved a little sideline view they had during the third quarter. Some student of some sort got into Woody's way, so he gave him a little shot in the kidney from behind.

Also, we need to channel some of this ballhawkishness to our secondary.