January 30th, 2012 at 9:50 AM ^

Basically, the reason why the likes of Brian Cook went gaga for Schiano in the first place was his well-deserved reputation as a big game coach.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall Cook being "gaga" over Schiano nor do I recall Schiano's reputation as a "big game coach."

I also think the writer overplays the importance of "Carr loyalists" and such in RichRod's failure. Maybe that's a response to some of the issues Schiano has had or maybe that has become conventional wisdom.

If I can recall my own opinion on Schiano from the 2007 coach search correctly, it was that Schiano was boring but the lesser of two evils with regards to Ferentz. Schiano seemed to have one really good season in a weak conference and then fizzled. Honestly, I have no idea what Tampa is doing hiring him.

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Because unless he did, I'd rate his chance of keeping Ryan Mallett as a Michigan Wolverine would have gone from about 15% (with Loeffler) to about zero (without Loeffler).


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All speculation is moot.  Maybe he would have had an easier transition, maybe the end of the Bo line as envisioned by Martin and Coleman was destined to be similar to what other schools with long time coaching trees have experienced with outside hires regardless of whom was brought in from outside (Schiano, RR, Gruden, et al).  We will never know what would have happened here.  Who would Schiano have kept on the staff and who would he have replaced?  Our fate was to go thru the RR years and now Hoke, might as well figure we are better off with what happened in the long run because that's what we got!