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Was the Michigan/Michigan State game, in Bo's era, played with greater frequency on the second Saturday in October?  Because of late, it very much has the feel of a moveable feast (which is not a bad thing), but the article asserts it as a fact when it's really more of a "fact".


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Yes, this was the traditional date for the Michigan-Michigan State game for decades, with some small variance.

During Bo's tenure--

First Saturday in October:  1979, 1984 (2 games)

Second Saturday in October:  1971-1978; 1980-1983; 1985-1989 (17 games)

Third Saturday in October:  1969-1970 (2 games)

The Michigan-Michigan State game was never earlier than October 6, never later than October 18 from 1961 to 1994.


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That is a great bit of research (well appreciated) and I kind of wish that perhaps the Big Ten would consider moving it back to the second week in October date as a "division rivals" day or some such.