February 28th, 2014 at 8:02 PM ^

he possesses a skill-set that more-than-likely, if coupled with as equally great wr tandems as we've had in the past, the type that made Joppru, Shea and others put up numbers greater than their talent-and if was significant- would suggest, that, with learned blocking skills, could have placed him among some of the greatest ever at that position.  We are all aware of what Gronkowski and Hernandez did at NE as their primary weapons, but they also had one Russ Francis, who when teamed with legit NFL wideouts, prompted Howard Cosell to dub him, "All-Worl." For those fortuate enough to have watched him live, you understand. For those fortunate enough to be too young, check out some videos.  Winslow,Sr., also shared  a like amount of fame while playing in the "Air Coryell" attack at S.D. As much as I am aware this is where Devin belongs on this team, I can only dream of having two AA wideouts like AA and DT with a Stevie Breaston or Jason in the slot and all defenses, no matter who we played, rendered helpless simply because we were fortunate to have a freak TE at the same time.  Still believing our wideouts are of significant quality, joined by the speed of Harris and Freddy that we will be able to rotate a continuous stream of danger that will allow Funchess to get totally free two, three times a game, thus allowing the other Devin the opportunity to simply throw the correct pass. That should be good for 14 to 21 per game.