August 17th, 2011 at 9:29 AM ^

Did I read that right? Offense added 1.9, Defense subtracted 1.9, special teams contributed 1.1, and the other 1.9 was from an extra possession?


Maybe there actually is something to Bo ball? Just hypothesizing here, if the value of a possession is just as much as a Heisman-winning quarterback-headed offense in a game against a decent defense, then it follows the fewer possessions in the game the more value each one has individually. If you can game plan to be the team who gets one extra possession per half, that's a lot of value.

It's not really Bo ball -- it would be the ability to use your offense to manipulate the clock to certain points, much like how end-of-half and end-game coaching tries to get the ball with between 2 minutes and 1:30 left in a half.

Then again this also means being able to control opponents' offensive production to keep them on a time schedule.

Ultimately gameplanning too much to get more possessions than the other team is probably not doable without sacrificing a ton in offensive and defensive officiency. But the sheer value of an extra possession next to the value a defense or offense can generate is huge.