September 22nd, 2010 at 11:10 PM ^

...eye out for this, just in case:

The sign that the end times are near is Brandeis winning a national title, and do not forget this.

Also, Barwis, eeee!

Dr. Lloyd Carr says Dantonio will be fine, which reflects the opinions of other medical professionals. In contrast, Rich Rodriguez has started lifting weights with Mike Barwis in order to handle the rigors of coaching. You might throw up watching him rip the head off a referee later this year, but you'lll have to also admire the new explosiveness and burst he does it with thanks to endless hang cleans is impressive.

Todd Marinovich's work is quite good.  I especially like his minimalist "Baugh":

The #1 Redskin of all time was a true cowboy.