March 2nd, 2014 at 4:34 AM ^

feelings of a loved one to resurface, but unerstand in this age of where you're every thought is captured, someone, even as inconsequential as  Bayless, will be documented. I'll readily admit the man, the name, Bayless, would be much more appropriate associated with the BnotLOCKED article attributed to K.Cousihs, when you are as universally hated as this son of a bitch, to this day, pretending he had equal to better game than us other weekend warriors, mere mention will cause a firestorm.  His latent homosexualiy-and unlike Cousins, I will  not document it as a sin rather than a biological urge, is probably a better way(simply because of his refusal to admit same) to attack someone, anyone who, simply due to nepotism and blowing a queer uncle. lands a 6 figure job, rather than taking liberties with a disease that has profound affect on so many.