February 25th, 2011 at 7:58 PM ^

I have known Chris since elementary school all the way though college and I am honored to have known him and his family. His father did a marvelous job because all his kids are amazing people. I remember talking to his dad at various events, whether they be at random sightings for school functions or during sports events. Every time, he had a smile on his face and we had great talks, whether it be about sports or just school and life. I know his dad did a great job because Chris is such a stand up guy - a man who I was proud of to call captain in lacrosse and a man I was damn proud of to see walk onto the Michigan hockey team. In the background, there was his dad - always with a smile on his face and supremely proud.

Thoughts and prayeres are with the Fragner family - one of the best that I know.