Yes Wex, Your friend is a Douche!

Submitted by BILG on November 23rd, 2008 at 10:33 AM

Right on target Wex. I ask those reactionaries scorning RR... How short-sited and in need of instant gratification are you, that you won't sacrifice one or two down seasons to progress Michigan football into the modern elite? And to those saying...progress is not guaranteed...You are right, but nothing's guaranteed...Except 9-3 mediocrity under Lloyd, that would have continued to regress to 8-4, 7-5, etc as the years went on and other teams evolved.
Yes, RR is not a guarantee, but if we use logic and history as our guide, not the current panic to which you partake, we can infer and extrapolate that things will get better...and rather quickly. Seriously, snap out of it. The guy hasn't even gone through one entire recruiting cycle, nor was he left with the best of Lloyd's talent---they all went off to the NFL.

Now if you want to complain that he is not flexible, and could have tried new things given the talent on this team, and he can only win with his players and system, etc.....That is acceptable criticism, and fair to what we saw this season. But IMO, and my hope is, the coach is working to build a program, not just find short term solutions to bigger holes in the system. To squeeze out another win here and there with strategic tweaks is relevant at 10-2, but at 3-9 it would be a mismanagement of resources, like finding band-aids for a hemorrhage. Let's not sacrifice the base of the structure for a prettier facade (6-6 record). Build the program, implement the system as painful as it may be, then make the small adjustments.

And to ASSUME he won't win with his system, and his players once they are in and develop, is idiocy, given his track record. I will say it over and over again...This season was a necessary evil. Nothing is built over night...not a website, not a building, not a program. And this is not our grandfather's get used to it. And it's a good thing, because Lloyd's Michigan...with all his talent and recruits and a #5 ranking was built to win last year, but was exposed by modern era college football in Appy State and Oregon.

When RR has his team going in a year when they are built to contend (2010 and 2011) and he loses to a subdivision team, or to a Pac 10 team at home by 30 points, then I will jump on the fire Rod bandwagon. Until then, we all need to shut up and stop being so spoiled.